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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fulton Opera House

On Wednesday night I had a date with this handsome man...doesn't he looks sooooo sweet?
What is happening to my little boy?
We ate a nutritional dinner at "French Fries House".
His favorite: "cheesebooger and fries".
And then off to a fancier place, the Fulton Opera House to see "Annie."
We met my dear friend Mary Jo and her daughter, Josephine. They both were all dolled up and looked so beautiful....curled hair, painted nails, fur coats and all! The kids thought it was so special having their own tickets. Tyler held his almost the entire show!
They were all eyes as we entered the theatre. There was a lovely Christmas tree in the lobby and they fell to their knees by the presents!
I'm with Mr. Jolly!!
The children could hardly make the seats stay down, they weren't heavy enough! It was cute watching them find a comfortable position and wait for the show to begin, their little legs half way pointing to the sky! The show was OUTSTANDING! It felt like we were on Broadway, more then on Prince Street. The cast of little "orphans" were amazing! They could sing, act and dance, probably the reason they got the part! Annie was very talented and sang her songs perfectly, I was very, very impressed. The scene changes were so efficient and timely and the sets were pleasing to the eye from any angle! I'd love to see it all over again.....better yet, I'd love to see the theatre from the view of the stage. Someday I'd like to be acting on that stage.....someday!

After the show, because life is short and you're only young once, we walked across the street to the charming Prince Street Cafe.
It was 10:45 pm!
We let the kids pick out whatever they wanted.
Josie got a cookie the size of her face!
And Tyler picked a bowl of fruit loops!
When they were finished, they played with the toys while Mary Jo and I visited. It was delightful. This picture cracks me up. Tyler had found a small hole in the floor and was looking for treasure, such a boy! I love it!!! Sweet, proper Josephine was playing nicely with her toys!
Time to go, we closed the place down....I went outside and asked them to smile nicely through the is what transpired.....

and yes, Mary Jo, we'll show these on their wedding day!!!
I had a really great night with you Tyler. You sat so nicely and really took in all that was happening. I hope you enjoy live theatre as much as I do and someday, if you want to be on that stage too, I'll do what I can to make it happen. And can I just say that what you said today is probably the greatest quote from you...ever.
"Mom, look how big I am, my head is as big as my face!"


Anonymous said...

i was thinking of you and hoping your time went well. it looks like pure delight! i am anxious to experience the same with my kids someday in the near future and maybe by then "auntie janelle" will be gracing the stage of the Fulton, they would be blessed to have you friend.
: )

cheers and kisses to ya. holla, see ya monday nite.

Sarah said...

Such precious times...looks like you had a lovely time ;-) We truly are blessed women to be entrusted with the lives of our children...

I saw your comment...thanks ;-) I'm so excited to find out who this little one will be...I love how each one brings their own special dimension to our family... I would love to get together after the New Year, let me know what will work for you... Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Sharon said...

OMW Janelle! This has to be one of the greatest blog entries EVER! From your clothes, to proudly holding the tickets, to the treasure peep hole, to the quote at the end! What a treasure. Enjoyed it as much as I could since I couldn't be there in person.

Anonymous said...

So glad to spend a special night with you, dear friend!!! And with your handsome little man!! That will be a night to remember, and talk about for yrs to come!! Loved, loved, loved all the pictures!!! Can you email them to me? And I can't wait to see you on the stage someday!!

Love you!! Mary Jo

Size5Jeanes said...

that looked like a ton of fun!
I love Annie!
you got some cute shots too...
and I love your banner photo!
who took it?

Jess said...

That is the exact same set as the Nutcracker! :)

clarita yoder said...

That is so so sweet!!! LOVED all the pictures! Beautiful mothers, beautiful children.... And yes, you must keep these under safe keeping until their wedding day! :))