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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A room for Boys!

Here are a few pictures of Tyler and Luke's room. It's all changed around as of a few weeks ago, but this is what it looked like for the last few years. My tall boy Luke is in a "big boy", (twin) bed now! He thinks he is such hot stuff, having a bed like his brother. They have the cutest Christmas tree in their room now and love the colored lights. Pictures to come eventually, hopefully before Spring! In a perfect world I would stay "up to date" with all my adventures, but alas, I have other things to do besides blogging! Can you believe it?? Tyler's little corner.
The greatest train picture, found a garage sale.
That clock on the dresser has the most lovely "tick, tick, tick", lulls you right to sleep.
The small drawers are great for the boys, they can get their socks, etc. all my themselves.
Luke's little corner. That big ship was a Christmas present for Jake one year. It's new home is with the boys.
Kind of goes with their ocean theme.....ships, shells, birds, blues, stripes, lighthouse.
Luke is getting so TALL! I measured him the other day, (I measure my children every 6 months for the first 4 years because it's just amazing how much they grow in a few months!!!! INCHES at a time). Anyway, Luke is 1 inch taller then Tyler was at age 3!!!! And Luke is only 2 1/2. I can pull a shirt out of the closest and it will fit either one of the boys! It's actually really nice this way, makes for faster dressing. Speaking of dressing, we've been living in our pajamas. Seriously. It's to the point of the children asking "where are we going" if I tell them it's time to get dressed! I wouldn't call myself a frump necessarily, I try to spruce it up a bit when I go out, but when I'm in my cozy home, pj's feel best. Right now it's polka dot pants and a sweatshirt. And when I go out to get to the mail I secretly wonder what those people in the office across the street think of me. Do they wish they could still be in THEIR pj's? Or do they think I need to get a life? It doesn't really matter that much in the long run, it's just easier to be comfy. I will say that I do put my "face" on most mornings. I also brush my teeth and my hair. Although, over Thanksgiving, with my extended family, much of them wondered if I had hair extensions because I actually had my hair DOWN! It was a little pathetic, so I think I'll start wearing it down more often. To my defense though I am only now coming out of the "lose all the hair you gained while you were pregnant" phase and loose hairs It's easier to put it in a bun for a day or two and then deal with the WADS of hair coming out in the shower. Okay, okay, too much information, I know.....but I'm defending my perpetual ponytail!!

Let's see, what else is new? I think blogging and facebooking is funny. It gives people who like to snoop into other people's lives a nice, good, legal way to do it. Weird, but funny. I do it myself. Look at people's blogs without ever leaving a comment. It's okay if you're one of those people too, but watch out, cause I'm having my first giveaway in the new year and it will require a comment if you want to vie for the prize!! Speaking of snooping, am I the only one who looks in other people's medicine cabinets while using their bathrooms? Or peeks behind the shower curtain to see what "product" they use? I know I'm not the only one, but possibly the only one to admit it publicly! I heard a lady say once that she put marbles in her medicine cabinet and when her friend was in there....snooping....they came pouring out! HA HA HA!!! That lady probably peed herself right there!!

Okay, my blogging time is coming to a close for today. I need to prepare for my acting role tonight! I'm playing "Mary" at a LIVE NATIVITY WALK-THRU. It's in Honey Brook, can't miss the signs! I'll be there from 4-8pm holding a baby doll and freezing my hands off. No, really, I am looking forward to it. The script is powerful and quite frankly the entire production is amazing. Come on out if you have the time, you won't regret it!


Anne said...

Oh, I'm a total blog snoop! But then again, that's how you find the ones who will eventually become your blog friends. That's how I find you and I consider myself blessed!

Your boys room is beautiful. It definitely has your shabby chic touch but in a very boy-ish way. How you accomplished such a delicate balance is amazing.

You'll make a beautiful Mary! Keep warm!

Consume me... said...

I love the new family pictures! They're precious! Miss seeing you around town! Stay warm over there!

Chrisy said...

i DEFINITELY snoop in people's bathroom cabinets and showers...i will also shamefully admit to driving slower past people's houses at night to look in their windows when the light is on! :)

Bess said...

Love the picture up top! Beautiful!

And what does it say on the wall near Luke's pillow? Just wondering. :)

The lady of the house... said...

it's the ABC's written with a picture that begins with each individual letter. my cousin Freiman did's a print, obviously! i don't think they're ready for original oil paintings next to their bedside just yet!!!

Anna said...

I never look in med. cabinets. But a snoopy thing I do is look in the door of peoples houses as a walk by (I live in the city). It is just amazing for me to see the wretched condition some of these houses are in and that people live there.

Anonymous said...

love reading your blog. it gave me such a laugh when I read about the bathroom do a great job decorating your home. have a great week and look forward to hearing more from you on your blog.