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Friday, December 25, 2009

MeRrY ChRiStMaS FrIeNdS!!!

JESUS......He was BORN today, at least this is the day set apart to CELEBRATE that!! He was looking for a place to be born, even from the moment He decided to come out of His Mom. He had no place to call home, no place was open for Him, all the rooms were filled. He was searching for a place that wasn't too full for His presence....but, the search was in vain. And so, He took what was given Him and made it GLORIOUS. He took a drafty, cold, smelly, shack and with His mere arrival transformed it into a Palace. A KING was born!! And guess what? He's still doing that same thing TODAY. He's searching for a heart to be BORN into!
He's looking for a place that isn't too full, a life that isn't filled with all the other stuff, a place where His Presence can dwell.....and when He looks at me, at you, I pray that search will come to an end. God, take this drafty, cold, smelly shack of a girl and TRANSFORM me into a PALACE fit for You!!
"Okay" says Jesus, "I'll be born in you today." And because of that.....I can truly say
it is indeed A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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