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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paisley's Nursery

I am in love with my girl's nursery!! Sometimes I walk in there just to feel the glow of pink that surrounds me! As you can read in one of my favorite posts, fuchsia, (hot pink) is my favorite color. I am officially passing that on to my girl!!! Enjoy your little picture tour...... "Consider the lilies" Paisley....that is my prayer for you!
They are not concerned with themselves, and yet they are clothed in glory!!!
Pink and Ivory Christmas ornaments hang from fishing line above her crib as a mobile.
Four little plates found at a yard sale in Monroe, NC.
Thank you Vickie for our sweet time together!
Another treasure. My neighbor was getting rid of this, I eased his load.
The drawer pulls cost the same as the dresser.
Dresser=shabby.....Handles=chicboy lampshade makeover!
An old wrought iron flower pot holder.
the best goodwill find to date!!
The best diaper holder EVER.....shipped with LOVE from North Carolina!

That lamp on the table was given to me for my 16th birthday from my parents.
It's one of my precious treasures. Paisley's curtains are unaltered pillowcases from Pottery Barn kids. They have the paisley pattern on them and I figured she could use them as pillowcases some day as well. I have them in pink and in teal!

my great "trash" find. This darling couch was on the side of the road for free.
It was made for this little corner!!!!
An antique plate from Grandma and a vintage gown from cousins Lindsay and Megan.
Vintage trash can from Grandma.

The view from our corner. Bottom right is good reading material to feed my soul while I feed her belly!

Sweet hand.
"Okay, Mama, I'm tired....."
Paisley under her very own mini down comforter.
She loves it close!

the view to dreamland.......


Sarah said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! You did an amazing job!!!

Bess said...

I love all of the little touches...they add up and make her room unique, her own, and beautiful!

LOVE the pic at the top! Oh my goodness...besides your kids looking perfect, I think black and white adds to it, too! Great job! :)

every day is a gift... said...

really, REALLY lovely! (can you print the 'I choose' on this blog?)
- Esther

AmyK said...

I love the antiques you've included - they add such charm and bring all of their history with them. A charmingly natural room!

Aimee said...

What a cozy little room you have made Janelle! I loved seeing it again! And your header photo is just BEAUTIFUL!!

martha said...

i love your special remind me of my mom! the kids new pic! adorable!

Vickie said...

This "home tour" was so wonderful! Ashley and I are whooooing and aahhhing over every shot! Thank you for sharing. It is SO fun to see the plates, the vintage dress from "my" friends, Lindsay and Megan, and to imagine myself cozied up on the corner couch with children and reading and singing lullabyes!

P.S. Calvin Klein just called, wanting to know if Lukie can do a photo shoot with his plaid scarf, this weekend! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!

Love the header picture!


Consume me... said...

LOVE THE PINK! Nothing sweeter for a little girl..or a big one! I love what you did with the pink balls! I'm glad to have a sneak peak at how the sweet thing is growing...I miss seeing you both!!!

Size5Jeanes said...

wow! where do you find the time! I need to hire you to come to my house! if you get this I would love a copy of what is written next to the dresser changing table about "My choice".thanks

The lady of the house... said...

hi missy, i've had several others ask for the quote, i will try to type out and post the "my choice"'s beautiful.