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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A package for Paisley

My dear, dear Southern Belle friend Vickie sent Paisley her first package, simply overflowing with lovely goodies! We all had fun opening it! Thank you dear friend....I love our connection through hand-written letters and gifts full of hugs!! Whenever I receive a "Talleyrand" letter I wait and create the perfect moment to open it.....usually involving silence, a cup of coffee and my feet propped up!
Look at this, the GREATEST idea to spell her name with.....she's sooooo creative!
"Look Mama, my new outfit from Miss Vickie"!!
"Let me do a little pose for you!"
"Thanks Mommy's friend, you are nice
and Mommy talks about you to me all the time."
"Maybe you can hold me next month!!
We're still working out the details of a visit to your house!
That would be FUN and SPECIAL!!!"


Vickie said...

Oh SOOO sweet! I wish we could have delivered in person, but how fun to get a surprise!! I just love the outfit on Paisley Girl! I can almost smell her baby sweetness.

I love the music. I really needed to worship that way this early morning.

xoxoxoxoxox to all!

Amy Spahr said...

oh janelle, look how beautiful she is!! as soon as i saw the handwriting, i knew it was from Vickie :)
cause i actually looked at the pictures before reading ..hehe

what a sweet little girl.