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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I just had to capture the sweetness of the moment...Paisley was lying in the pack n' play the other day which is set up in our kitchen. The boys were napping and the laundry was drying. Enjoy our sweet Paisley girl, (and please don't mind my baby talk)! You'll see that at one point I think I scared her when I peeked around the camera....dear girl!

"It is not a slight thing
when those so fresh from God love us
~ Dickens~


Sara Lazio said...

That is really sweet! I think she looks just like you. Crazy how that happens they all are different aren't they? It makes me secretly hope for a little girly...

Jena said...

want. to. squeeze. her.

clarita said...

That is SO SWEET!! She is so beautiful and looks so *squishable*!! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Just a few moments ago...this was me and my little girls. How precious she is!!

Anne said...

She is gorgeous! And ALL girl already. That emotional roller coaster begins early. Both of my girls can go from happy to heartbroken in the blink of an eye if Daddy just looks at them wrong. Still, I love that their hearts are so sensitive. I just pray their hearts will be sensitive to the Lords voice above all else.

Paisely has the sweetest little cry I think I've ever heard! Its just gut wrenchingly adorable.