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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chasing Rainbows

My nephew Aiden was here one night enjoying some cousin time. Suddenly the boys came bursting through the door almost beside themselves with excitement. (hmmm, I think I just understood why we use that saying, "beside ourselves"....perhaps because you almost jump out of your skin and are then left standing beside yourself)! Must be the regular coffee, not decaf, that is making my brain think so fast this fine morning! Moving along....I run outside to see this grand happening and literally RIGHT above our heads is a giant hot air balloon, we were waving to the people, it was that low. Before thinking, I spoke, (bad idea when children are involved)! "Let's go watch it land!!" Shouts of excitement ensue!!!! We load up in the car as fast as we can! The chase begins, I thought surely it would land at the local high school, but alas, it kept going.............and going................and going..................








I just couldn't give up! It kept seeming that just over the NEXT hill, it would land and we would miss it! And by the time I had one hour invested into it, I was mad....I WASN'T going to stop now, I already made it this far. Just for some reference, it would take me about 45 minutes to get there driving the speed limit,




5 MPH.



WAY.....I kid you not!!! At one point my sweet nephew said, "Aunt Janelle, you can give up if you want to!!!" HA HA HA HA!! Paisley slept the entire time, bless her heart!

Sometimes it was almost scary to watch, they would get so close to the wires or the trees or a silo....I kept thinking I was going to witness one of those videos you see on tv shows like, "I survived a hot air balloon ride" or something like that!
Well, they FINALLY landed the thing and the folks were grateful....both on the ground AND above the ground. Turns out the "driver" was flying one of his first times and couldn't get it to land! UM! Can you say SCARY?? I will say that the people who booked the ride got a good deal though, these rides are only to last one hour, who knows HOW long these folks were up there....we were with them at least 1 1/2 hours. We watched them put the balloon and basket away while chasing fireflies into the night.

I hope I taught the boys a lesson:

never, EVER give up!


Jeane` said...

VERY FUNNY!!!!! Had to laugh the whole way through....I cannot even imagine going that slow for that long, yet...if the children are happy, and the babe is sleeping...why the heck not?!?!? What a super memory though (and by golly, they'd better remember it to make it worth it!). While you are welcome ANY time at our home, it's just as well that Thursday did not pan out for a quick visit, as Curt was away on business, and I was a much a tired hag as I've ever been!!! :) Maybe,would Thursday work for me to drop by for a visit? It just so happens to be my little birthday, and it would be a wonderful treat to have a cup of coffee with you (I'd leave the kiddos to nap at mom's). I would LOVE any packing/moving (with children)tips you might have...along with decorating dreams!

Let me know!

Anonymous said...

FF25years- Hi Tyler,oh Hi Aiden,How are you? Hey do remember that time mom followed that balloon ALL the way to the dam.................... :) Janelle,you're making lifelong memories!!!LOL. TomB

Anonymous said...

i love your adventurous spirit janelle. you are a kid at heart

Mark and Heather said...

I laughed out loud reading your story. thanks for encouraging all of us to seize the little moments in life.

every day is a gift... said...