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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tyler's 4th Birthday Party!

Tyler's 4th birthday party was held at my sister's house this year. Our entire family was together for Father's Day so we decided to combine the two. This worked really well this year as my energy was a bit low in just having Paisley and adjusting to life with 3! Thanks Shrish for allowing us to have it there!! I got a Thomas pinata and filled it with candy! Tyler's cousins had fun taking a swing at it! After that Daddy and Mitch brought out the BIG GIFT!! This gift was actually for both Tyler and Luke for their 2nd and 4th birthdays! I love Jake's face in this picture, he's just as excited as the boys are!!
and they're off...this picture could make me cry if I would let it!!!

We made some fun cupcakes too....
if you look closely, you can see Tyler is sticking out his tongue,
he did this the entire time we sang to him, it was so funny....he just
didn't know what to do with himself!!
they were enjoyed by all....
especially a certain brown eyed boy!!

Tyler, do you know how many people love you??
a lot.


Aimee said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE your background music? I had it on all morning while I rearranged my office. LOVE IT!!

Oh, and that truck is just too fun. I'm sure the boys are loving it! And probably Daddy too!

Anonymous said...

I love you "Guy"! You are such a special little person, and I am so thankful you were born....
Love, Aunt Shrish

tines said...

what a great party! owen wants to come & ride that jeep!!! xo

Anonymous said...

good pics! janelle, simply wanted to let you know my blog is now fleurcottage instead of redeemedbygraceandtruth (tho i'm still that!). i came across 'fleur' & suddenly clicked w/ cottage - perfect fit for me & mine! :) Esther Glick

Anonymous said...

happy day tyler. still remember seeing him only a few days after his birth and i can't believe how he has grown.