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Thursday, August 13, 2009

bloggers brunch gone bananas!!

So the other day a few of my fellow blog friends, Beth, Aimee and Kara decided to get together for a light brunch. (See Beth's blog for her side of the story!!)We try to stay connected in person as well as through our blogs. We've been together a time or two before and always have a great time together. This time however takes the cake!!

Beth made a great brunch which we enjoyed around her dining room table. Her little boy just kept yelling every time he wanted food, which was all fine and good, but it was freaking out Kara's kiddos every time! My boys were eating outside on their lovely deck so they weren't bothered in the least at his cries for MORE FOOD!! I had to laugh as Beth just kept handing him food and he kept packing it down....although upon lifting him from the high chair I saw most of it had fallen onto his lap, (thus the continual screaming)!!

I looked outside and saw Luke waving two objects around...I squinted my eyes to get a closer look and upon closer inspection I realize it's two SHARP PARING KNIVES! Um, "Luke has knives"!! I rescue my child from danger and Beth is happy to have her missing knives back in her possession. "Sorry about that, the neighbor boys were husking corn and put our knives back on the deck, we couldn't find them and they've been missing for a week." Always happy to be of service!!

We continue our conversations between feeding ourselves and our nine children, (ages 8 weeks- 4 years)....not an easy task.

I went in the other room to feed Paisley and all is well. Suddenly Tyler walks in, "there's a black dog out there." I peer around the corner, (Paisley still nursing) and see a GINORMOUS BLACK DOG headed my way. I shout to other room, "Um, Beth, do you have a dog? There's a big black dog in here." She comes running out to see it just as it enters the living room where most of the children are playing....the children commence to scream and run to the corners....I meanwhile get the grand idea of corralling this beast back outside. So there I am all hunched over, (Paisley STILL nursing) whistling at this stupid thing and backing up at the same time. Thankfully the dog follows me out the door and runs away, (and almost gets run over while racing across the busy street). Stupid, crazy dog! And sorry to the neighbors if you totally got flashed!!

Dora comes to the rescue and settles the kids after being scared. out. of. their. minds!

After all that action Paisley commences to throw up on me and on Beth's floor...sorry about that!

And to end it all Luke accidentally closed the car door on Tyler's finger, as in, it was STUCK in the door....oh, bless his heart, he just cried and cried. Beth's daughter kindly shared one of her "sponge bob" bandaids and soon all was fine. Although I will say he is quite proud of his battle wound!

I was crazy enough to go to the grocery store on the way home, but all went well! Well, except Paisley had a blow out and pooped everywhere! After the grocery shopping was done and the poo cleaned up I felt like I needed some ice cream! We made a stop by Dunkin' Donuts and I had this:

and then a nap.

Of course with all of us blogger buddies and the craziness we didn't get one picture! Oh, the good times roll on!!!!! Thanks Ladies for the humorous day!


Anonymous said...

still laughing.

Anonymous said...

And again, tears streaming, legs crossed! :)

for such a time as this... said...

brings back memories to this sixty yr old i tell my daughter - 'this, too, shall pass!'...too funny!
Esther Glick

clarita yoder said...

Oh my goodness, such a FUNNY story!! I'm so glad you wrote it down - for our sakes, yes, and also because it's one of those things you'll look back on and just laugh your heart out at! I love how you can see the humor in days like that, and then share it with us! Bless you, beautiful mother!

And I was so excited when I came on here this morning to find several new posts! You're one of my favorite sites! :)

Consume me... said...

hahaha!!!! hysterical! Even funnier because it wasn't me for once! Oh...we've all had those days, you do well to laugh at them and move on!

Thanks for a good laugh this morning before I move on to the tasks of the day!