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Monday, June 9, 2008

my new apron & my fuchsia world

My dear friend Jeane
gave me this beautiful little apron.
It's just PERFECT!!
All the lovely detail and the pattern,
it's so HAPPY!
I'm really into fuchsia, (aka hot pink) lately,
(actually, I should probably stop saying that
because I've been loving this color now
a really long time, as in years and years).it started with our beautiful wedding invitation.
my cousin Freiman painted a lovely picture of us
with a fuchsia flower in my hair.
thus the ribbon tied on the invitation to match
...and the love affair began! some of my favorite shoes our bathroom
our shower curtain
my new swimsuit
my favorite dishes, i only have one plate and a cup and saucer,
but they are my favorite out of all i have.
Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers.

my car, (HA)
my most favorite shirt
my flower beds this yearmy pj's
my front porch with a cutie my permanent summertime nail color
my flower boxes
my couchand my dream bike.....

so, yes, I like fuchsia in all it's forms.
And THANK YOU Friend for knowing me,
feels so good to be known.
If I have a little girl someday,
maybe we'll name her Fuchsia.
ok, that's overboard....
and thanks to my MAN for loving me
and all my pinkness....
the way I am.

(oh my word, even my blog has fuchsia in it...just realized that one!!)


Anonymous said...

love everything, but especially the swim suit. adorable.

Jeane` Miller said...

What a fun post! The apron looks so good on you! :) You inspire me to get back to blogging (I'm actually starting to feel 'human' again! Bronchitis while pregnant is not on my top 10 fun things to be list anymore. :)
Thanks for the fuchsia escape!!

Anonymous said...

lOvE, LoVe the pink! esp the shoes! the couch! the bike...

Aimee said...

You are a girly girl after my own heart! It's a good thing we have supportive hubbies! :)