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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Party Time

So many fun things are happening right now, I barely have time to keep up with them all!!The boys are growing so quickly and Luke especially is coming to life in a whole new way! He's so sweet, more on his sweetness later.

Here are some pictures of the Anne of Green Gables cast party we had. I hope to post some photos of the play in a bit. There were several photographers there. We had the most amazing time, the script was written so well, the costumes were perfect and the set was outstanding and the actors and actresses shown like stars! It was a lot of hard work, BUT WORTH IT ALL!! The toughest thing about theatre is only performing for such short amounts of time. I felt like I had so much free brain space when I was done. I use to lay in bed at night and go over my lines as I was falling asleep....the first night I didn't have to do that it felt really odd. "What do I do?" I thought? I guess I'll just fall asleep....

Here is my brother Matthew, (in the play that is). I enjoyed being his sister Marilla for a bit. He was a kind brother who died in my arms, (my favorite scene)! No kidding! I loved that scene because it was powerful and grabbed the audience, he is really good at dying!! I didn't like that he was gone for the rest of the play though. Gent! You were such a blast to work with. We laughed ALOT!! I am missing seeing you twice a week, so we will have to make something work out in order to see each other and the cast more often!! Blessings to you as you make your path in life! See you soon.

It's a neat story of how our paths crossed again....all over some zucchini bread I had made. A mutual friend was here for dinner one night and I sent a loaf of zucchini bread home with her. Gentry tasted some the next day and found my blog, commented on how delicious it was and it all went from there. When I checked out his blog I realized that he has a passion for acting/film making and so OF COURSE I contacted him to see if he wanted to audition! And the rest is history!! So, I made loaves and loaves of my zucchini bread in honor of that meeting.....and this time sent him home with his very own loaf! Yippee for zucchini bread! Here are some of the "school girls" playing on the hammock! Don't they just LOOK like drama?? And of course Tyler had to get in on that picture, he liked having all these people here....he loves parties!! Here are some of the boys climbing all over our new ship, (THANKS TO CARL AND FAN @ homeplace structures!!). And yes, that boy is LEAPING off the ship! Cracked me up when I took the picture! I suppose that will by Tyler and Luke before too long!! As the day turned into night we watched movies on our HUGE outdoor screen. Jake rigged this awesome screen on the side of our house. We enjoy having people over and watching movies throughout the summer at our very own drive-in! Here we are watching "The Parent Trap", the old version....and the best I might add!!
snuggling with my little man while watching outdoor movies.....ah, summertime!!We'll be hosting another party before too long, to watch the complete edited version of "Anne of Green Gables." We will have it available on DVD for a small cost. If you're interested in purchasing one, or would like to know more about the arts academy, you can contact Chabod Academy of the Arts.

"Ability is what you're capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
~Lou Holtz~


Anonymous said...

looks like summer fun! the ship is perfect and the 'drive-in is so awesome! i love it.

Anonymous said...

Janelle! That was a really fun night. I miss seeing and acting with you! We will definitely have to hang out. Thanks again for everything - the bread, the laughs, the memories. Good times...