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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The ants go marching one by one

AND THEY MUST ALL DIE!!!!!!!! I don't know about you, but we have ant issues around our town! Leave one measly crumb and before you know it the colony has risen through the cracks and totally engulfed the remains. And when the Mother sees it, she nearly gags with disgust and quickly finds something to spray on them....usually Windex! So, for all those other Mother's out there, here is an idea I just found in a magazine for an all-natural repellent! Pour equal amounts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and shake to mix. You can spritz it into any water-resistant areas, like under the highchair or into the crevices of painted baseboard. Or you can spray it outside all around the picnic area before family and friends gather. Ok, it looks like I NEED TO SPRAY IT ON MYSELF.....I literally just found a little ant crawling on my robe.....GROSS. ME. OUT!!!!!!!!!! Off to repel.....


Jeane` Miller said...

I LOVE your music selection!!!! For whatever reason, it transports me straight back to my childhood...I always loved that song. It was probably heard in my grandpa's house, as he loved to hear guitar (and was fond of Johnny!)

My "Great Struggle" against the enemy "Ant" was held three weeks ago at the height of bronchitis. It wasn't pretty. May the best woman win. (you)


Lulu & Tutz said...

try leaving bay leaves around on your counter...ants hate them, too! We've got them on our end of town, too...they like to congregate in our bathroom, too! I'm trying the vineagar/water in there...maybe they're marching from my house to yours, depending on who's armed and dangerous at the time!

Bess said...

UGH! We are having the same exact little bit of granola bar, and here come the ants within literally minutes. We've tried lots of things, but I think I'll try your vinegar solution next! :o)