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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tyler's special day- Part 2!

We celebrated Tyler's 3rd birthday a few weekends ago! It was extra fun getting it all together this year because he understood that the party was for him. We picked out these invitations and he put them in the mailbox all by himself!

My baby is getting so BIG!
He's so fun to talk to because he can communicate with me and we have these little conversations. Here we are talking about how he needs to open his other gifts too and not just play with his new Thomas Roundhouse the whole time. (note to self: save Thomas gifts for LAST!!), I mean Tyler got a new microphone!
Tyler and his fellow Thomas-loving cousin, Aiden! That was a special gift from Aiden....

I found this old "Mr. Hoopers" store at a garage sale and filled it with candy. I remember playing with something similar to this when I was a little girl....although it wasn't filled with candy I am sure!!best friends/cousins/neighbors sharing chocolaty chocolate chip cupcakes....WITH sprinkles on top!
Luke having a grand day with his cupcake. He was a MESS when it was all said and done, but like my Mom always says, "they can be cleaned!"

Time for some Popsicles....

and then some swimming! the boys had a blast with this little contraption! (And yes, that is Chase wearing his sisters headband....he put it on by himself! HA, so cute!!) all the shirtless guests and the Mother trying to capture a picture....a joke for sure!!!!!
Look how grown up my little Tyler looks! Oh, I'm so thankful for him...he brings such JOY to us! WE LOVE YOU SWEET TYLER!

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Jena said...

looks like a fabulous time was had by all!
Happy #3 Tyler!