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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


feeling lazy, but trying to motivate myself.
it's not working.
it's just better to not rely on my own strength because it is SO FLEETING!
I am so thankful I have a Place to go to,
Someone to call on,
Strength unending to fill me to overflowing.
Thank you Lord for being here with me,
for cheering me on in the dailiness of life.
I give you what I have which honestly doesn't feel like much sometimes.
But you look at my heart and in there
there is A LOT to give!
"And its only by your mercy Lord, I come
I bring an offering of worship to my King
No one on earth deserves the praises that I sing
Jesus may you receive The honor that You're due
O Lord, I bring an offering to you
I bring an offering to you."
~Paul Baloche~
* artwork by Freiman Stoltzfus entitled "Hope"


Anonymous said...

amen. (and that painting by freiman is incredible. i love what he is doing these days.)

Anonymous said...

wow, i love the picture also. the hands are beautiful.

i think i had known from reading one of your posts (maybe?) that your husband use to be Amish, but i forgot also! =)

in my early teens i had friends that i use to pen-pal w/ from the Lancaster area, but no relatives. my husband's folks also came from the Amish but transferred membership to the Mennonites before he was born.