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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paisley~ 8 months old

My Baby is 8 months old today.
And yes, I will shamelessly talk about her again, hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want!!!!
Here she is all dolled up for her first Christmas Eve service. We were literally about to leave, (the boys were loaded in the car) when, GASP, I realized, I don't have a hair band for her!! I grabbed the nearest wreath bow, (fuchsia of course) and wrapped it around one of my headbands! Voila! Darling! Oh, she was to dress. Lace tights, mini uggs, fuchsia tulle skirt, polka dot shirt, velvet jacket w/ a flower broach and her one-of-a-kind headband!

She continues to stay true to her name meaning: beautiful and pleasant. She smiles continually! She is taking three solid naps a day. One in the early morning, (10 am) one in the afternoon (1 pm) and a shorter one in the evening, (5ish). She L-O-V-E-S her crib. I snuggle her in with her nuk, her cozy blanket and her new puppy, (which is practically the size of her). Nuks are only for naps so I think it's something she enjoys having. I'm teaching her now to take it out of her mouth after naps and throw it into the crib. My sister suggested that and it's worked well w/ both of the boys. They had their nuks until they were 2, but only for bedtime.
She is starting to "talk" a lot. It is precious. She says "Da, da, da, da" which is of course her first word according to her Daddy!! smile.
She loves people, however she is starting to prefer me over others, I'm fine with that! She smiles immediately when someone points a camera at her!!
Her brothers continue to love her and hug her and give her toys and occasionally wrestle with her too. When the boys are snuggy in bed I place her on top of them to give goodnight hugs, she usually gets their noses with her mouth and the boys think that's hilarious.
She eats well.....and often. Still mostly nursing, but in the morning she'll have a big serving of oatmeal and some fruit. For lunch some other kind of baby food and then a bottle in the evening before bed. Like I mentioned previously, this is the favorite time of day for Daddy and his little girl.

In a mere 4 months she'll be a YEAR old!
Is it just me or is time going faster then ever??
Oh my, how do we slow it down,
keep it still for a bit,
savor it?
Practical suggestions accepted via comments!
"Do your part to make this world a cuter place to live in."
~Susan Branch~

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