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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my sisters blog and other little things

  • My oldest sister, Fan, started a blog! You can visit and revisit it here. She's a wonderful writer and I think you'll enjoy her posts.

  • Tyler drank my Starbucks white chocolate mocha the other morning, leaving me one sip!!! I had purchased it Saturday night to enjoy on Sunday morning. I placed in the refrigerator, anticipating the sweetness when I woke up! Sunday morning came and the boys, in their usual fashion, helped themselves to little containers of yogurt. Well, Tyler seemed to enjoy my drink as well. Upon seeing the ONE sip remaining I said, "who drank my coffee??" Tyler replied, "I drank your hot chocolate Mom!" WHAT? That thing was loaded with caffeine and we, along with the rest of our church congregation got to see him crawling out of his skin. Dear boy didn't know what to do with himself....running about, lying on the floor, just couldn't hold still. Finally, half way through the morning worship, he crashed. "Hold me, Mom" he said and then laid on my chest like a newborn for the next 10 minutes.
    Next time I'll be keeping my "hot chocolate" out of reach!

  • Tonight I'm taking Tyler to see "Annie" at the Fulton Opera House. We're going with some dear friends of ours....MaryJo and her little girl Josephine. We're going to get all dressed up. It should be a wonderful night. I hope Tyler can understand what's happening on stage. I also hope he and my other children have an appreciation for live theatre. There's nothing like it....watching or acting!

  • Don't tell, but I'm trying to find the perfect recliner for Jake for Christmas, (honey, if you read that, just pretend you didn't)!! I'll tell you, it's hard finding something that fits a 6'2 man....or is he 6'4, regardless, he's tall!

  • I love our new wood stove, (THANKS TOAD & RAQUEL) it heats our whole house so nicely....and it's so cozy! Pictures to come soon. Another testament to my husband's amazing skills.

  • I should have had "Happy New Year" written on ALL my Christmas cards, gives me another 2 weeks to get them out and still be "on time"!!

  • Paisley's almost 8 months old! EIGHT!!!!!

  • I just came up with the funniest greeting for my girlfriends....want to hear it, of course you do! HAPPY HOLLADAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha! When we go out to eat or get to hang out without our children or just do stuff we use to do when we were 21, single and carefree, we say "holla". And what a perfect greeting for this time of year!

  • Dear Target, if it's not too much bother, could you hold on putting out swimsuits until, say, December 31st? Thank you, Janelle


Dana said...

okay the last two comments are the best! Holla!!! Love it, now crank up the music and dance for us!!! And I'm in total agreement with the swim suits!! Nothing like reminding me of the "too much cookies and hot cocoa" body I'm transporting around!

Anonymous said...


Vickie said...

You are such an amazing much fun! Tyler will be great. I started taking Ashley when she had just turned look at us!

Lots of love to you!


Consume me... said...

love your sister's blog...thanks for sharing. I have to fit more blog-time in so I can read them both! love hearing the background of your family! Squeezes for that eight-month old!!!

Jena said...

BRILLIANT(I got that from The Holiday, my new word, replacing "fabulous", FYI)

Swimsuits right now =scary