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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My birthday in pictures

oh my, what a special birthday i had! i felt exceptionally loved and celebrated! that's what birthdays are for!! thank you my dear family and my dear friends for taking the time to send me flowers, gifts, facebook greetings, phone calls, cards, (I especially enjoyed my girl Kara's phone message....which is saved for those days I need a good laugh)!
i am loved well! now, i will pass that love along to others!!!

The jackpot gift from my thoughtful and amazing husband!
A "vintage" phone from Pottery Barn! I had told him in passing that I liked it, well over a year ago! Major brownie points for remembering! He's great like that! I think he was happy as well to see our FOR REAL vintage phone vanish from the kitchen. That thing was so crackly and staticy I had to constantly tell people, "could you hold while I go find our real phone!!??" HA HA!!

A darling feather wreath from my sister Von, she gave me some bubble bath too that is luxury in a bottle! This wreath looks great above our fireplace mantel.
A colorful and joyful bouquet of flowers from my brother Tom.

An awesome mixed cd from Jena and a funny, funny card!

The coolest cupcake on the block! Delivered to my door from Kara and Shar.

My Mom's old vintage perfectly placed in my kitchen. She and Dad weighed their children on this...newborn little babies lying on a cookie sheet atop this precious gem!! beautiful flowers from my sister Jan. A lovely morning with my friends Rebecca and Kristina, breakfast at Prince Street Cafe and my choice of dessert from La Dolce Vita!
"You're not 40,
you're eighteen with 22 years experience."

~Author Unknown~


Bess said...

Love it! Especially that cupcake...too awesome! :) I hope you got to enjoy it

Jena said...

Love ya Girl!

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely!!! Oh...and I have that phone!!!


Anonymous said...

love you. you know that.

ps - noticed the phone last night and wanted to say something, adorable.

Me & my boys said...

everything is very nice, but what stood out to me is that you got flowers from your brother!?! i think we both know that would never happen in my family :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Just want you to know on this Friday I read this post on your birthday, that "forty" looks beautiful on you!!!