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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monroe, NC

May I start by saying that I am way behind in my blogging world! I have so many fun and memorable things to post from this past Summer. I would still like to write about those times, even though they have been past for months now. Blogging helps me remember them, squeeze the sweetness from the moments. This past Summer was exceptionally sweet; many, many special times with family and friends. So, if you're a regular visitor here, you may have several flashbacks to Summer amidst the chilly Autumn and Winter days.

SEPTEMBER 9-15TH, 2009

For our 7th Anniversary/family vacation we decided to venture South. We stayed at a lovely little home on Talleyrand Avenue, right across the street from one of my favorite people. This is where I did my DTS with YWAM in 2000 and haven't been the same since! It was very special for me to show my family the YWAM base where so much took place in my life. And to introduce them to Todd and Vickie and their children!We headed out around 2 pm and drove straight through, stopping only at Shoney's in West Virginia for dinner. While there we saw this: the biggest rainbow I have ever laid eyes on! We watched it the entire time we ate dinner, it was majestic!
My flip-flop boys grabbing a lollipop from the Shoney Bear belly! I think they look so cute here, just enjoying the little things in life. And I think Luke totally looks like the Shoney Bear!! We arrived after midnight, the porch light greeting us and sweet notes lying on the table. Buckets of goodies for the boys, some sparkling juice for my Honey and I and the most delicious homemade goodies made by Vickie!! Our home away from home!! It was so great waking up at 8 am, knowing that my dear friend was so near! Pajama clad, the children and I made our way across the street. Hugs and kisses ensued!!
Vickie and I had lunch together! I love typing that. Vickie and I had lunch together! The food and company were equally delicious. It was so wonderful to be together again! I hadn't seen her since Luke was a baby, when he and I flew down for a quick visit.
Jake stayed with the children while Vickie and I visited.....and they all took naps!
Here's my "vacation" in a picture. Vickie's homemade key lime pie, Beth Moore's "Esther" Bible study and hot coffee....all enjoyed and devoured on the front porch!!
In the evening, this woman MADE US THE MOST AMAZING SPREAD OF FOOD!! I was so impressed that I forgot to take pictures!
Sweet, sweet Ashley holding Paisley! I had such fun with Ashely as well. We went to Target together for the new Taylor Swift CD, found treasures at garage sales and shared ideas about her dream room, straight from the pottery barn kids catalog. xoxo.
We went to the library a few times. It is HUGE and full of fun things for the kids. This is the statue outside the building. Isn't it NEAT??

One afternoon Todd took us on a Historic tour, it was so interesting and charming....especially this little dream of a house!!
On Saturday morning Vickie, Ashley and I went here for some coffee at Alice Jules Coffee House before our big yard sale run! I ordered a "mr. darcy" and a tall one at that, so my order went something like this, "one tall mr. darcy please!" If only it were that easy right???!!! I already have my Mr. Darcy though and HE'S A KEEPER!!!!!!! We found treasures at the biggest yard sale ever....again, so impressed that I forgot to take pictures!!
***my aforementioned "mr. darcy"***
we all went out for lunch at the blu moon cafe, the same place Vickie and I had dined, it was so good i had to introduce it to my loves.
The boys enjoyed the water fountain. On Sunday we woke up early and headed further south to Rick Joyner's church, Morningstar. We sat in the front row and drank in the beautiful worship and incredible message about inter-generational kingdom building by Steve Thompson. The phrase that stood out to us the most was "our ceiling should be our children's floor!" AMEN!! I want to go higher and deeper!!
Speaking of deeper, here are the boys after our busy morning....sleeping deeply!
We had dinner with the Vengela's one evening.....authentic Indian cuisine! Thank you Chris and Megan for having us! We enjoyed our evening with you. You inspire us. Chris and Jake had breakfast together one's like no time has passed between them, even though it's been 5 years since they saw each other last! We finished our time there by hanging some cards and candy for my niece Lindsay, who will be doing her DTS there as well! SO proud of you Linds!!!
We said our good-byes and headed out for the 10 hour trek home again. All in all the children did well...a few break downs here and there, but it went better then I had anticipated! Our children travel well and for that I am grateful. We got home around midnight. Tyler crawled into bed, smacking his lips, "I love my bed" he said and fell fast asleep! Well put!!
"Let me live in my house by the side of the road,
and be a friend to man."
~Sam Walter~

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Amber said...

Our ladies just finished The Psalms of Ascent by Beth Moore. Is Esther awesome? We are thinking of doing it next! So exciting to find another woman studying Gods Word! :)