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Saturday, November 28, 2009

it's my birthday today!

and it's a delicious day even though i've already cleaned up throw up in my bed, made all the beds, wiped up the bathroom floor, broken up a fight or two, opened my "presents" wrapped in blankets, aired out the house because the wood stove went ballistic, held a 2 year old close because of a bleeding lip, (due to hopping too close to the desk), soothed a hungry 4 year old, (I'll tell you, these boys are a TRAIN WRECK until food gets in their belly)......all this and it's not even 10 am!!!
BUT, I am about to get out of my robe and get in some high boots, jeans and a sweater, drape my SMALL purse over my shoulder, (as opposed to my carry on bag that usually goes out the door w/ me and my 3 chillins) and meet some of my dear friends at a local cafe. I graduated from high school with these two dear girls, Rebecca and Kristina and I anticipate a wonderful morning.

My little purse and I are out the door.....and as my daughter's onesie says,


samantha said...

Happy Birthday Janelle!!!!! I hope you have a great day! Luv ya

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!! May you be blessed above and beyond this year!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy day "Shrish"!! I can't imagine my world without you in it! I love you, Shrish

Anonymous said...

oh happy day.
love to you!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Janelle! You have blessed many a morning of mine this past year and I thank God for you and your precious insights! I can't wait to see what He'll teach you (and in turn, what you'll teach me) in the coming year!

tines said...

so glad God gave you to us Janelle! you are a dear dear friend. glad you got out of the house (busy morning for you!). hope your day was wonderful. xo

The lady of the house... said...

wow!! thank you each one for your kind birthday greetings. i felt so loved this if i could only pass along 1/2 what has been lavished on me!!