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Monday, March 23, 2009


Our sweet Luke turns 2 years old today! Seriously it feels like I could still be pregnant with him, I have NO IDEA where the last 2 years have gone! Time really is going faster with each new life that joins our family! I wrote about Luke's amazing birth last year, so if you'd like the whole story of his accidental unassisted birth you can read about it here! I can say for sure that with this pregnancy, come my first contractions, I'll be calling the midwife RIGHT away, (Maribeth, can we set up a direct line)!!??
As I read the description I gave last year about Luke's personality I just had to chuckle because not much has changed....the foundation of his person was solid even a year ago, it's just a little stronger and higher now. It seems to me that he will be very consistent in who he is for much of his life, (just like his amazing Daddy). The personalities of children are so fascinating to me, especially when they're my own.
Luke brings such JOY to all of us, (well, except when he teases Tyler and they fight/scream)!! He doesn't show much emotion for most things, but he is watching it all and taking it all in. He says very little, but when he wants something he will make it known in one way or another. I've been a little concerned about his speech, (or lack thereof) because by age 2 Tyler was talking A LOT. I shared my concern with some of my "Mother Friends" and for the most part the consensus is that it's just WHO he is. He just will be a man of few words, starting even now. I think I will have an evaluation done just to have some more insight in guiding him, and yet, instinctively I do agree with what my friends/family have said.
Lukie, (as he fondly called by most people in his life) can be quite the little clown, as pictured above! He loves to play with the little baby doll that is around here. He will prop it on the pillow, cover it just so, bring it books and "feed" it with the little spoon. I think he will be the nurturing one when our new baby arrives. I'm getting really excited for the boys to meet their new brother or sister.
Thank you God for giving us Luke, only a small part of the inheritance You have for us. He is from You, truly a gift sent from above. Luke, YOU are loved, may you ALWAYS know that deep, deep down inside.
"Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something.
It's our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit."
~Mary Lou Retton~

*"Happy Birthday" by Innocence Mission


Anonymous said...

Awww...Happy Birthday to Luke! I'll be thinking of you when you have your whatever make's you feel better...we are having early intervention check out eli as well but more for clarity of are right all our children are different and it's hard not to compare them to our other' ya!


Anonymous said...

Lukie - thanks for inviting us over to celebrate with you...we had so much fun...Moriah and Isaiah

Lola said...

Luke, you are such a blessing and I feel so BLESSED to know you and watch you grow these past 2 years! You are such a sweet little boy and I love you so much, little buddy!

Anonymous said...

happy day luke.
maddie has been talking about "dewkey". i think this is how she says lukey and has been talking about dewkey for the last few days. she must be wishing him a happy day.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to Luke!!! The time sure has been flying by with our little ones... Oh, how precious time is... May we really soak up these days that we have with them!!! ~Much love

Anonymous said...

It was a fun, crazy party! the more the merrier! thanks for the yummy food that you were able to enjoy for a full hour:) love ya
Aunt Von

tines said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!! what a sweet boy you are! come visit owen & mia soon! (janelle, how much do i love that IM song!) xo

CountryMidwife said...

I think we set that direct line up today :)

I SO love the picture of you in the tub with Luke. It's so raw, happy, vulnerable, open, amazed, humbled... Just BEAUTIFUL!

Happiest bday Luke!

Vickie said...

Oh Sweet Lukie! We love you so much and can't believe your "Big Boy" picture here. You look much older than 2! Happy Birthday Little Man! We send you TONS of love from North Carolina!

xoxoxox...Ashley and Vickie (Todd and Jackson too!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Guy!! I wish we could have been at your party... wait, better yet you all should have joined us in Florida to celebrate in true the Piney-ville play ground!!=)
I love you so very much lil Lukey!!
You are such a neat guy...
Aunt Shrish