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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1st chapter of "The Well-Loved Soul"

A few years ago my sister gave me this portion of a book her friend was writing. I haven't heard if it's been published or if more has been written, but what she already wrote has stayed near to me and I read it often. I wanted to share it with you so I'm starting a little weekly Wednesday installment of "The Well-Loved Soul." It shouldn't take more then a month or so to have it all posted. You may want to take the time to copy/paste/print it so the TRUTH of it can be absorbed.....may you find a quiet moment in your day and be restored.

The Well-Loved Soul
"He restores my soul."
(Psalm 23:3)

A well-loved soul. Not a nice soul, not a perfect soul, but a whole soul. A well-loved soul that laughs deeply, rests richly, loves generously, and accepts wholly who she is and who she is not. Courageously, she has made peace with herself, all of herself…her past, her present, her sins, her regrets, her personality, her body, her face, her life. She lives in the evolving wonder of becoming a soul of breathtaking beauty.

Her soul is well-loved. She brings into her relationships a celebration of who she is. She does not merely tolerate her creation, she adores it. With devote diligence she has sought a pure heart above all else. Her very soul, she has laid upon the Father’s alter, for Him to reveal the beauty He saw before time began. In their covenant relationship, in His arms, she has learned to love herself, to forgive herself, to grasp her value.

Her self-understanding is deep, rich and lively. With sacred assurance she has come to honor the vulnerabilities and needs of her soul. Her deep yearnings for peace, creativity, kindred friendships, fun, satisfying work, and the safety of being deeply connected to a presence and purpose higher than herself. She has acknowledged the many pieces that comprise her very being, and has been graciously lead by the Holy Spirit towards a quest of magnificent restoration.

She has discovered that a whole, well-loved soul is a precious gift of her faith. Her Father does not wish to use her soul and run her dry, but to restore her very essence that she may fully reflect the splendor of being adored by her Father. His promises of restoration, life abundant and springs of living water are designed exclusively for the rebuilding of eternal souls. She will become a cherished witness, an ambassador of the intimate goodness of His glorious resurrection power. The purity of His intentions has won her heart and her trust.

He has easily and naturally become the great love of her life. Daily she considers how to honor her great love. Longing for the moment of their first embrace, when she can look into His eyes and share the knowing that passes between two, who have shared the deepest of journeys together.

Only He really understands all that her life has passed through. Only He really beholds the depth of the wrongs done to her, the foolishness of her own choices, and the despair of her hardships. He cares for the things that trouble her, and always provides the path through even the darkest of troubles. He has taught her to care, nurture and tend to her soul, that she may create a home of beauty for Him.

He delights in watching her grow straight and strong, true and proud. She is becoming increasingly sensitive to His voice, His movement. She can sense Him now, when He is near, when He is walking in the rooms of her house, or joining her as she walks by the river. He is proud of her, proud of all she has done to be like Him. With great courage she has faced the brokenness of her being, and chosen not to avoid it, run from it, minimize it, medicate it, or cover it with good works. She has chosen not to pretend that peace exists where there is war, and fullness exists where there is barrenness. She has chosen to bring her very self and lay it into the tender arms of her father, believing that He will do as he has promised and restore her soul.

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