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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flashback to Summertime-Campout 2008

It's November 19th and I just realized that I forgot to post pictures from our annual nieces/nephews campout! I was looking through our summer pictures trying to get warm inside and came upon them! Each year becomes a little event in and of itself. This was the 6th year in a row that we've done this and we don't intend to stop anytime soon! It's something that we all look forward to each Summer. So, here's to Summer!

The Happy Gang!
Mariah and Taryn...such great friends!


the result of the above photo... My little chip-thief....

Caught!!! orange-handed! Sami, Kylie and Olivia. Golf anyone? Sweet Sophia. Here's a bunch lounging on the hammock eating pizza on a beautiful summer's eve.

Sami and Kylie...or shall I say, "Moldy Cheeseheads?" (don't ask)! All the kids running to see Grandma coming! So cute!!

Tyler and Chase crusin' around the yard, somehow Chase
is always the one pulling or pushing Tyler around! Bless his heart!!

The boys at their favorite place. Our makeshift "Thomas the train table."

The girls "swimming" in our hot tub! Always a highlight for them!

Playing on the giant ship and in the ball pit! (Thanks MaryJo for letting us use it)!
Movie Time! Jake cut down a tree and then rigged the screen on the side of the barn, with speakers on either side, (the cutting of the tree was a different night although I wouldn't put it past him to get an idea and put it into action immediately He's amazing! It looked so NEAT! We're looking forward to lots of outdoor movie nights next summer! A movie's not complete without....

anxiously awaiting some buttery goodness!

We rented this great popcorn maker, (thank you Zimmerman's) and it came with popcorn and little pouches to put it in. They all looked so adorable sitting out there watching the movie with
their own personal popcorn in hand! Loves it!
JOY! We love our nieces and nephews so much! It truly is a highlight for us each summer.
Even when we were looking for a new home, Jake would say, in regards to the yard, "I don't think this yard would work for the campout!!" How sweet is he??

My buddies! (side note: could I please have my tan back? Thank you very much)!
Air mattresses outside = tons o' fun! EARLY the next morning, this is where I find Tyler and Aiden! Until next year...."God gave us memories that we might have roses in December."
~J.M. Barrie~

*"over the rainbow" israel k.


Anonymous said...

aww fun! i wonder when ill be able to make the next campout. every year there is something new.. a popcorn machine?! nice addition.


Mitch Smucker said...

wish i coulda made it!

by the the Somewhere over the rainbow cover by Izzy K...he's the man

Aimee said...

Oh my word, you have the cutest family!!