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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter's First Snow

Last Friday we had our first snow here in PA. It turned out to be quite the cozy day. Jake's Mom, (Grammie) was here and we together, (well, mostly her just showing me) made homemade sticky buns. The house smelled amazing while the kids played outside and made the most of the falling snow. Tyler spent an hour here: he just laid in the snow with his two favorite trains and played and played. Only did he come in when I told him it's lunchtime. He was in his own little train land crashing, burying and sliding "James" across the snow. Good thing he has a warm snowsuit. I so enjoy watching him pretend, it's so fulfilling for me to see his imagination at work. Never a dull moment with him that's for sure! Here's Grammie and Tyler playing together later that day. Notice the shorts and short-sleeved shirt that he LOVES to wear, if it's not in the wash, it's on him and his legs are always cold to the touch. At least he has clothes ON, he's been into this being without a shirt thing lately, (*sorry to Tina for the influence on O*)!! I think I'll have to pack those summer things away so he's forced to dress warmly!!


"We are living in a world of beauty,
but few of us open our eyes to see it."
Lorado Taft

*"Let it snow" by Sesame Street gang*


Judy said...

You are a very creative photographer!

Anonymous said...

I miss the boys!! "It's only been two days!" is what I hear our men saying. =) O well, they may never get it, along w/ our humor for SNL!
Love ya, Shrish!

Aimee said...

Looks like such a cozy day! Isn't it wonderful when the kids find ways to occupy themselves with their imaginations?? :)

CountryMidwife said...

Janelle, what is that beautiful tree with the red berries? I love it. And those sticky buns - yum! I promise to come to your birth if you have those for me! heehee - yeah just what I need! love, mb