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Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome Bennett!!

He looks ALL boy just hours after being born!!
Two weeks ago my sister and her husband had their fifth child, their FIRST son, Bennett Cole. He was 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long! They didn't know what they were having so it was so exciting for all of us just wondering if this one would make 5 little girls or if this one would instead have 5 mommies!!! When she called to tell me it was a boy I just smiled and smiled. After I got off the phone, my cheeks were actually sore from smiling the entire time!! I'm so delighted for them! Boys are so much fun and so full of life, life, life!!!!!!!! And also so thankful that Tyler and Luke will have another cousin to walk through life with. Our next baby and Bennett will be 7 months fun!! It's always fascinating to me how life comes around. My sister and I are 6 years apart so when I was 12 and she was 18 we didn't have too much in common. I use to wonder if we would ever have "life" in common again, but sure enough, the years go by and we both became wives and Mothers and life just has a way of knitting you together.
"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."
~Author Unknown


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