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Monday, November 10, 2008

Down comforter

Under 4 inches and all this!!

My baby can grasp, squint, frown, grimace and maybe suck her thumb! Not that it's a "her", but I kinda have a feeling it's a girl! Time will tell!!

The skin is so thin blood vessel are visible. It's covered by a fine, soft layer of hair called lanugo. Lanugo comes from a Latin word meaning "down." I love that. Like a down comforter wrapped around her already. This hair is thought to help insulate her little body.

She has all her major organs.

Fingernails and toenails are growing.

Eyebrows are beginning to grow and even the hair on her head is sprouting. It will probably change color and texture after birth.

I heard the heartbeat for the first time last week. My heart skipped a beat and I just smiled. Such wonderment never ceases with each child that I have the privledge of carrying. My next appointment will be our first ultrasound. I always anticipate this time and look forward to enjoying it will Jake at my side. It's also a time of discovery: is all well with our growing baby? Although I don't know the answer to that right now, I do not doubt that my God's hand is knitting her together just as she should be. Fearfully and wonderfully. We love you baby.

"Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you even at my mother's breast.
From birth I was cast upon you;
from my mother's womb you have been my God."
Psalm 22:9-10


Jena said...

oh, friend, there is such a joy in my heart for this new baby of yours!

I was just thinking on my way home today that you are probably going to have to change your blog name!
love you so much and am so grateful for your friendship-
God is doing great things in both of us!

Anonymous said...

Janelle,I actually got teary-eyed when I read this.It is so beautiful!!:)I love ya,shrish,Tom B.

Jess said...

I know just how you feel... it never ceases to amaze me either... the first heard heartbeat, the first flutter, the first big kick, and now the constant rolling around. I sometimes look at my moving belly and just laugh. She is very ACTIVE! How wonderful would it be to have a girl too, they would be so close in age! And such great friends!

Anonymous said...

LIFE is such an amazing miraculous gift!

Bess said...

Isn't that so amazing? God's creation is INSIDE you, already looking like a little person. The entire pregnancy & labor process is truly a miracle!