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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unamused until the candy arrived

We went trick or treating around our neighborhood. I scored a deal at Little Bo-Tique on halloween day by finding a Pooh AND Tigger costume!! I thought the boys looked adorable, I think they felt slightly different about my choice. I'm pretty sure I still get to dress them as I'd least for the next year or so!
Here they are waiting for their ride. Daddy had to put air in the tires.
Still unamused! I think this could be a mug shot for Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger.
They got lots of oohs and ahhs as we walked through town. My favorite costume was a little brother and sister dressed as raggedy Ann and Andy! So stinkin' cute! They really had no idea why we were going, but when they realized that just by going to someones door they got to reach their hands into bowls full of candy, their mood was elevated...or maybe it was the sugar! Regardless, it was a fun, memory making night and just another reason to visit our neighbors.
We ended our night at our yearly church outreach event, "Trunk or Treat." Several families from our church open their trunk and decorate it with a game/food/candy, etc. and the kids can come participate at each trunk. It's a cool idea and has really grown over the years. Tyler's favorite was of course the Thomas the tank engine trunk! We could hardly pull him away! All in all it was a fun night and they stayed nice and toasty in their head-to-toe outfits! I am now enjoying the fruit of their labor! Jake says that's why I do I can eat their candy!

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CountryMidwife said...

This year I had a little girl come to trick or treat. I said, oooohhh look it's a scary dinosaur! She teared up and said "but... but... but... I'm a sweet dragon". Adorable! Like the boys!

Saw Joanna today -- her little boy is sooooo cute!

Jeane` Miller said...

I found this post VERY funny.
Let's be honest, at this point in our children's lives, those Halloween costumes are not for their pleasure, but rather for our own. Annie refused to wear her pumpkin "stem" and I found myself jamming it over her dear little skull (so, ok, it was a tad on the snug side), determined that she should match her big brother, who didn't care what the heck he was wearing as long as he could keep "PAR-TAYING"with the crowds and masses in the neighborhood!!