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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Road Trip to Canada

Well, we made it~~our first ever family road trip. 900 miles later I am still sane and doing quite well. The boys did way better then we anticipated thanks to the rigged up DVD player that Jake put together in the back seat! Gotta love portable devices. Although our time was short, we packed lots of memories into several days and will definitely return again next summer. Jake's brother Sam and his wife Cheryl were lovely hosts and we enjoyed their adorable cottage in the woods. We had free reign, (no pun intended) around the horse farm. It was beyond amazing: the surroundings, the lakes, the views, the fields, the stables, the million dollar horses!, the cool, crisp air, the peace and quiet. So much fun for the boys and for us on the four-wheelers and the golf cart. We visited a local pumpkin patch/petting zoo one day. Jake's Mom came along as well and was a joy to be with. The boys love and adore her so much and the feeling is very mutual. We're actually in the beginning stages of getting permission to turn our carriage house into an in-law quarters for her. We would be happy to have her here with us.

Grammie loves to tease!
and give sweet kisses! and Tyler loves every minute of it!
being silly!
The drive up to Canada took about 8 hours and was relatively uneventful. We arrived around 2:30 am and a few minutes later I received a call from my sister announcing the arrival of BENNETT COLE STOLTZFUS!! Their fifth child, but FIRST son! More on that later.... We filled our days with hikes, long four-wheeler rides, playing at the park, exploring the pumpkin patch, eating Grammie's delicious meals, (fresh potato soup with homemade bread!) One evening around dusk Jake and I set out into the hundreds of beautiful acres surrounding the farm and just rode was awesome!!
As for me, one highlight was coming across this adorable French Bistro. We had some delectable freshly baked pastries and the best ginger ale I've ever had, (imported from New Jersey, isn't that hilarious!!)
We spent our evenings sitting in front of the crackling fireplace, reading and talking until bedtime. The one night Jake and I went on a date while the boys stayed back with Grammie. We found a great little family owned Greek restaurant which was delightful. I spent the one day at the salon and spa where my sister-in-law works. Fabulousness!
Sam looks after the property with ease. He is at home in this environment and it was so fulfilling for us to see him truly enjoying himself. He is so good at what he does.
Sam and Jake have a special relationship despite the distance. It seems that when they are together it's as if no time has passed. Although they are so opposite in most ways, there are things that unite them as brothers that are unmistakeable. For instance, the way they work so hard when they find something they love, their sincere hearts toward others, their kindness to every living thing, and their love for adventure, oh and their tall build and blond hair! It's great seeing them side by side because they look so alike and yet so different!!

"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been."
~Diane Arbus~


Jess said...

I've been waiting on these pictures!! :) I think you definitely have a Christmas card in the making with one of those family pictures!

Adrienne said...

Oh Janelle, that looks wonderful!! I was thinking the same thing as Jess about the pictures! What a fabulous trip!!

Jena said...

#1oh my goodness, I am so grateful that you guys had such a special time
#2 I cannot believe your sister had a BOY!!! God truly has a sense of humor...
#3 Did you get my email about tomorrow or Friday?

Anonymous said...

looks like a blast and such a gorgeous property.

can you say, christmas card photo. you got some great family shots. check that off the list.

Dana said...

What a great vacation spot for the family. I LOVE (with a capital "L") our family vacation times. It is always a treasured and precious time with our kids and each other. I always look forward to the next one and it never comes soon enough. I hope my kids will always be excited about those times and mom and dad will never become; old, boring travellers.

~Kae said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I'm dying to do some editing of the picture of Lukey with the pumpkins, so email that my way please! Love ya lots! xoxo