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Sunday, September 20, 2009

caught white handed!

Lately, Luke has really been into "helping" me with Paisley!
Here is what I found the other day:
CAUGHT white-handed!
Poor Baby! Covered in diaper cream and powder!
And here's the culpret:
The Crime Scene!
And the Victims!

Oh Brother.....


CountryMidwife said...

Those thighs! I could gobble them up!

Did you see me honk and wave today J?? I'm always looking for you and finally there you were! Your flowers in front are soooo lovely, by the way.

Hugs! mb

Sarah said...

Oh No!!! I love that you captured the Paisley will see some of the things she went through with having two older brothers...Lol...I have way too many stories of my own ;-) Paisley, is just too precious! Not minding a thing at all ;-)

Anne said...

Oh goodness, poor Paisley! It seems she handled it like a trooper.

Don't you love when the older ones "help?" My eldest helps me with laundry by shaking out the already folded clothes and laying them back into a pile. Still, we must be grateful for their sweet little hearts.

every day is a gift... said...

ooohhh...these pics takes me back to 'the good old days!'

Consume me... said...

haha! I often wonder what kind of little girl Emma would have been without two big brothers to toughen her up!!! Looks like your boys are taking it upon themselves to do the same w/Paisley!!!