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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barn Sale

Hello Friends, I'm busy preparing for our annual fall Barn sale, (between taking care of my 5 month old precious girly and 2,3,4 year old boys and loving the fun of it all, (my nephew is here for the day)....actually, it's my Mom who will have most of the stuff this time! She's cleaning out her home filled with all sorts of delightful dishes, books, antiques and the likes. It will be a huge sale with something for everyone, priced well and organized, (two VERY important aspects to having a successful garage sale)! Come on by if you'd like:

FRIDAY 09.25 4pm-7pm
SATURDAY 09.26 7am-2pm
hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!!


Bess said...

Wait, wait! You told me you could fit three kids in the back seat...I had hope because of you!!! :) What are you going to be driving these days?

The lady of the house... said...

Bess! hold out hope!! it is working just fine for us, we just feel that since we've done a lot of work to it recently it would be wise to sell it while it's "good to go." we don't have another vehicle so i'll be staying home for days on end if it sells soon!! :-) oh well, i love my home.

Vickie said...

I want the brown apron with pom pom fringe!!! See it to me!!!!!!!!!

The Trendy Couple said...

Were excatly are you located???

Consume me... said...'s 2:58...TOO LATE! Hope it was a great sale! Looks like great things from your mom!