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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sink Baths

There are many things I love about having a little one around the house,
*there are many things I DON'T love as well*

Giving my babies Sink Baths is one of my favorite things.
It slows life down, forces me to focus on bathing ONE child & watching them discover the world around them....the glorious, confined world around them!!
It makes for some stinkin' cute pictures too.....
one can only fit in a sink for so long and then it's all over.

If you know me, you know I like quotes/verses.
And quotes by my sink just make sense as it's the place I spend
most of my, as you can see here....they have overtaken my little
corner of the world and I love it! Here are just a few:
"parent out of peace"
"control and force do not elicit respect"
"God has created this home to be enough for my children"
"The Lord, the Lord gives me strength and makes me sing." Isaiah 12:2
"Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you."
"We make choices all day long that, strung together, culminate in the life we living."

And note to self: do not eat brownies after 10pm or you will be wide awake
and blogging at 12:19am!!!
Oh dear!!!!


Jeane` said...

sorry...just little old me again.
I LOVE this post, as I am a BIG fan of sink baths as well..and love to see some cute little chubbiness in mine--and now in yours too! ;)

And I am very grateful you wrote out the quotes that I scribbled out one time at your place, but lost. Now I am re-enlightened thanks to your kindness.

Did we ever settle on a date???

consume me... said...

Oh, my, she is GROWING! Do you see it as much as I do? I only see her in pictures....but wow, she is GROWING!!! Love the sink bath pics!!! My eldest son is sitting next to me and I just giggled thinking about him doing the's been a LONG time since he fit in that little space! Loved the quotes...I like having them around me, too....but they've disappeared to de-clutter. I might have to bring them back out now! Blessings to you - must be nap time over there!

Bess said...

Love it! Can I snuggle her sometime? ;o)

Sarah Gingrich said...

Every time I read your writings I have to laugh at how similar are the things which delight us. : )

Ang Stoltzfus said...