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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ordinary Moments

*music can be muted at bottom of page*

"because this is how you spend your one life well.
receiving each MOMENT for what it is.
amazing grace.
a gift."
~Ann Voskamp~


Kristina said...

Thank you for the needed reminder, Janelle!

~Rosanne said...

Totally inspiring to take time and live and enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing.

Missy. said...

totally love this. LOVE it. have a great day. missy.

Shelly said...

Ahh . . . a quote by Ann Voskamp. Met her in October [don't know how I missed hearing of/reading her before]. Isn't she a complete gem? I am in awe of her writing style, and even more of her following hard after Christ. Just got her book in the mail yesterday (plus two for gifts). Happy! Now if I can just find time to read more than 2 minutes at a time . . . :)