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Monday, October 31, 2011


Experienced a beautiful evening last night with this husband/wife duo and my friend Kaelin.  Front row and center, I could see her swallow we were that close!  Sadly my camera battery died so this picture is from another concert they did.  Anywho, if you have some extra money their newest release, "Deeper" is worth.every.penny, (or you could check back in a few weeks 'cause I'm including an autographed copy in my 600th blog post~~Christmas Giftaway)!! The song playing right now is by them.  They were so chill and relaxed and she sang like a bird, effortlessly and full of passion! 
Of course I could certainly post some pictures of this past weekends SNOW STORM!!  
Although some of you are completely annoyed with it, (and understandably so if you are STILL without power)!  However, we REJOICE when we see a big ol' storm headed our way as it's part of the our provision during the Winter months.  My husband owns a landscaping business with his brother, so snow is our "manna from heaven" during our off season.  

So, I came across this picture today. 
It made me happy.
h and m summer addition
 I also happened across this little "guide" and it too gave me a chuckle! (click on it you can enlarge it)

A few weekends ago my niece got married.
Oh, it was so LOVELY!!
It's now on my "to post" list which keeps growing, along with the beach trip with my girlfriends, (back in MAY)!!, the carriage house finished product, our annual campout and probably lots of other things I've forgotten about along the way!! 

Guess that's the beauty of having your own blog,
  you get to post what you want, when you want!  (smile). 

Here's one pic from the wedding that came out nicely! 
Man, I love my little family!!!  
 And remember, this is ONE snapshot of life when we're all dolled up and on best, (bribe) behavior!  :)  It's not "real life" in the least!!  There was an entire "children's area" at the wedding so they were quite excited to participate in the goodness that awaited them, (thus the quick smiles)!! 

hope you're monday is going as smoothly as possible and that your laundry isn't overwhelming you too much!

"What is this life if full of care; 
we have no time to stand and stare."
~W.H. Davis~


Anonymous said...

Love your family picture! Yes, it is unusual to get a picture when everyone is clean, smiling and happy, and looking at the camera! Stay warm! Sandy from Smiling Duck

Jeane` said...

That family picture is gorgeous...specifically, YOU look smashing!!! I hope you do not mind that i shared the OTHER "sign" you emailed to me earlier this week in my latest post. It seemed so fitting.

As for that Christmas 600 (really?? 600!? AMAZING!) Post GiveAway, I can only imagine the glorious gifts contained in it's folds!

Hope your day is a contented one...

Elisha Owen said...

Your family picture is gorgeous!! And I must let you know, you inspired me to start my own blog. It's so much fun and incredibly refreshing to release 'thoughts to paper' so to speak. Thanks! Elisha :) xxx