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Friday, September 14, 2012

summer past

So, this has pretty much been my summer.
our babies. 
(Tyler-7, Luke-5, Paisley-3, Capri-3 months).

we did so much together!
here are (alot) of pictures highlighting our summer. 

Dutch Wonderland

New Washline. xoxo.

10th annual campout.

Blue Marsh Lake, my man with a burp cloth on his shoulder and babies all around. xoxoxoxo

vintage pack n' play.

Darling Capri, 2 months old. 

At the camper. Dancing in the rain. 

Party pretties. 

summer nights. 

our 1st tea party. 


fresh from heaven. 

our home away from home. 


the good life. 

my man. 

it's a kingdom for kids. 

friends. rain. gazebo. 

in line for the roller coaster. loves it. 


my love. forever. 


our little audrey. 

for the beauty of the earth.

yard sale awesome.


mother and daugther. 

refreshing mountain.


everyone's napping except me. 

i'm really not sure how things will be changing here at three men and their ladies.  i so enjoy blogging, however our home is my priority right now and posting pictures takes a lot of time.  often i'm an "all or nothing" gal, so, there will be no posts for a week or more and then suddenly a post with TONS of pictures, (take for instance this post)!!

perhaps i'll be giving the "picture part" a bit of a break and focusing more on writing several times a week.  writing brings a lot of clarity to me, but when i feel pressure, (self-imposed) to post pictures and captions and all that jazz it really discourages my writers heart.  However, things are shifting for me right now. For so many years this is the way I've blogged, (lots of pictures and sometimes some writing), but I feel that changing.

 if you want to stay along for the ride, the journey, the sweet and salty life, we'd love to have you stay....
there are some exciting things in the works that i can HARDLY WAIT to tell you about and next week i've got ONE AMAZING GIVEAWAY for ya'll!!  

until then....
have a wonderful weekend!!

 "When you are through changing, 
you are through."
  ~Bruce Barton~


Bryan Allain said...

excited for you as you work through the tension Janelle! You are a gifted writer and a gifted mom and a lot of other things too. Keep creating and loving on people and doing your thing, even if you have to change things up here and there.

Kelli said...

Looks like you had a wonderful summer with your beautiful family. I love the peaceful music on your blog...sometimes I come to your blog and let your music play while I do work around the house.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog. Keep is encouraging to us other moms out here. Pictures are icing on the cake...and we don't always have to have icing. :)