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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Baker's Table

There's a new cafe' in town and we can't get enough of it! It's located outside Lancaster City and it's called The Baker's Table. Our sweet neighbor "Miss Sandy" works there so that's what got us there in the first place. 

 We had such a delightful time, except when we went to leave and the kids were banging on the window next door....(a salon and spa) and the owner had to come out to tell them to stop! Mortifying!  I was giving Sandy a goodbye hug and hadn't realized what they were doing. I made them apologize to him by name, "sorry Mr. Ryan for banging on your window."  It was kinda funny though, I mean, of ALL the windows in the place they HAD to pick the one that belongs to the spa!   

 The menu is creative and delicious 
and the room is large, yet's nice for picking a corner without feeling like I'm invading someones space with all the kids. 

 And the items they have for sale are 

If you're in the area you might want to check it out! 
It's quickly become a favorite place for all of us!


Smokers in the Valley said...

Someday we should "invade" everyone's space with a trip there with all the kids :)

Kat said...

Oh wow...that looks like a great place! Thanks for the tip...maybe we'll hit it up this weekend:)

Kelli said...

Wow does that place look cute or what.
Happy New Year!