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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Gold~~Dinner Party

Last weekend I had the privilege of hosting a dinner party 
for the ladies of Neighborlies.  
My theme was gold and cream. 
Here was my pinterest board where I gathered some ideas. 
And here's a peek into our night together.  

Each place setting had a gold frame with a specific verse for each woman, printed from this site.  It acted as decor and a favor all in one!

sprigs of fresh rosemary tucked into the napkin ring.

Greens from the backyard and white tulips from Costco. 
Gold deer and other goldish things found at Target and Goodwill. 

An extra special surprise for the evening.  Our very own violinist!!  
(As you can see in the one picture below, I wasn't the least bit excited to introduce her)!  It went just as I had dreamed....most of the guests were seated when a knock came at the door.  I said "there will be another guest joining us for the night" and in walked Brianna with her violin, (I have a friend who is violin teacher and she pointed me to one of her talented students).  It was an amazing experience having her play so near to us.  She even took requests toward the end of the night and we sang our favorite Christmas carols together. 

 Each woman kindly contributed something to our night and we ended up enjoying a feast together!  It was beautiful to sit and savor the Christmas season.  It put us right into the Christmas spirit!  I thought many times during the night that THIS is what it's about....not presents or fancy food, (both of which are wonderful), but it's TRULY about those that you are with, those around your table and in your heart.  

gifts were exchanged and hearts made full! 

This December,
That love weighs more than gold!"

~Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon~

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Clarita said...

What a lovely LOVELY party! I am just crushing on gold this season... so I especially love all the gold! Your guests were so lucky indeed, and I know from experience that your hospitality is the best of all. xo