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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lawn Boys

Last weekend Jake, (and the boys) did some work around our looks sooooo beautiful. The hot pink azalea's against the black mulch is just breathtaking....and with the white gazebo and the green tree branches against the blue sky....this place is such a refuge for us. I should get some pictures of what I'm writing about, but until then, here are some pictures of my lawn boys, the best in town for sure!! (and the cutest too)!! Luke was a darling, just staying by his Daddy's side all. day. long. He was out there at 8:30 am, came in for lunch and a nap and then went back out from 1-7:30 pm!! I have NEVER seen a child so young stick with something for so long. He is so much like his Dad and I see it more each week. He and Jake have such a special connection and it's really neat to watch that unfold through everyday living. What would we do without our sweet Lukie? Tyler off in pretend land...I have to be careful what I let him watch on TV or videos because he picks up the words so easily and acts/talks it out all. day. long. Sometimes I just stop what I'm doing and tune into his little usually makes me chuckle!
"A boy is Truth with dirt on it's face,
Beauty with a cut on its finger,
Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair,
and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket."
~Author Unknown~


Anonymous said...

they just keep growing & growing....too quickly. i still remembering visiting you in Goodville after you had tyler and you were cozy on the sofa with him laying on your chest and now he is a little man. and luke, just seem like yesterday he was flying out and jake was playing mid-wife. and now paisley. wow. long gone are the days of us playing at your farm house pretending to be women, shaving our legs with blue crayons.hee hee

Anne said...

Your boys are beautiful! And I love your header pic. So sweet.

Vickie said...

Oh, my sweet little loves...

Thank you for sharing. Oh, how I would love to play as well.

The muffins were amazing. Ashley's words, "How sweet Mom. And to think, Janelle just had a baby. It does not surprise me. I mean...she is just so filled with joy and...enthusiasm! That's the word. Plus, she is just really good at having babies!"

She's one of your biggest fans!


Kristina Shirk said...

Janelle, reading your blog makes me so proud of you as a wife and also makes me miss you! Love you much.. gh...hh
- Kristina

Anonymous said...

Looks like a "fun, fun day", Lukey.
See you in the morning!!:)

Wow, Jake, don't you "buff"!:)lol

Good night,sleep tight!
Love you, Shrish

LisaShaw said...

Your header photo blew me away. So beautiful! Your boys are so handsome.