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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preschool days

We're thinking of sending Tyler to preschool this year. I was never a preschool fan and passed stupid judgement on those that sent their kids. I see now that it may just be beneficial for some kids and I think Tyler is one of those. We found a great program near our home at a Mennonite church. I have him registered, but haven't made the final decision, (it's a lot of running around, in the middle of the day). ("Graduation" at preschool days....check out the cap; a plastic bowl turned upside-down w/ a sheet of consturction paper on top! Loves it!)

Anyway, earlier this year Tyler got to be a part of a little preschool program at a local high school. He LOVED it. I would drop him off and he would RUN to the door waving and saying goodbye to all of us. I wasn't sure how he would be at first, but as each Wed. and Friday rolled around, he became more and more comfortable. Each day I had the run-down of all he did that day and boy, was it exciting! The program was really neat, basically high school junior and seniors that were a part of the child development course got to have a preschool for 20 kids. My friend Adrienne sent her son there as well and he and Tyler are great buds! I basically cried when I saw this "graduation day" picture because I was fast-forwarding 14 years! They'll be taller then me and I'll be a pile of snot.....

"Life is a succession of moments.
To live each one is to succeed."
~Coreta Kent~


Anonymous said...

i am a BIG fan of pre-K programs...especially after seeing the kids in Jake's K class..the one's with no pre-K had a HARDER time keeping up!!!

just my 2-cents!!!


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, before we know it,
our little boys are men!
Missing you, Shrish