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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paisley's walking.

(Paisley at her 1st birthday party....
more on that later.
sweet pictures of our sweet girl)!!

My Baby is walking.
Precious little pigtails stumbling toward me.

Stop it!!!!!

I can remember vividly one sentence being said to me alot when I was little,
and now I understand why, "stop growing Janelle!!" my siblings would say to me.

I get it now.
I said it to my girl this morning.
She walks without fear. If she falls she doesn't cry. She gathers herself and she's off again.
She loves to be where her brothers are and will stand by the door and cry if they are outside and she's not. She gives kisses with her big ol' mouth WIDE open....teeth everywhere! She has most of her teeth now. Seven sprouted at the same time. Darling girl. She hardly cried or fussed although you could tell she wasn't herself....she was much more clingy. She would lay on my chest for hours at night, (which she hasn't done since being a newborn). We are in love with her. So thankful she is ours.

"She is my joy and heart's delight."
~Robert Wever~


Jeane` said...

She sounds very much like my little Kenzie...fearless, abounding energy and 'anything you can do, I can do better'. ;) What an exasperating joy it is to raise such little women.

{Adorable birthday dress!}

Anonymous said...

want more birthday pics.
her and max would have a blast these days. chasing each other about.