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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carriage House Renovations

It seems a pity to just post a couple pics and be on our way. MY HUSBAND WORKS SO HARD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!! These pictures hardly do him justice!! He's doing his very best at this balancing act....and that's surely what it is. With spending time with his family, running his own business during BUSY SEASON, keeping our friendships strong and taking care of the property here, he's a busy man! Last year around this time is when we started. He ripped off that huge tin roof and had it recycled. One early morning around 4am my husband climbed up onto the roof and started ripping off 100 year old cedar shakes. With this machine from my brother-in-laws business, (Sam S. Smucker & Sons), a lot was done in one day!!! Thank you Marlin!
There atop the roof sits another brother-in-law, (or as Jake calls them the "out laws")!! Thanks Lin for your hard work on a hot Saturday!!
Marlin taking wheelbarrow loads of the cedar shakes to the pile.
My brother Mel, (a former roofer) stayed late into the night working by the moon to get the new roof on! Thank you Melvin, (that's him with the thumbs up)!!!
The beautiful new roof. In the first picture of this post you'll see the carriage house flanked by two massive evergreens. As you may remember my husband went ahead & cut them down, threw them into the pile o' cedar shakes and poured some lighter fluid around it and lit the match......all by himself. You can see the rest of the story here!!!!! *sorry if you're a regular reader and I'm talking about this AGAIN, it's just so darn funny!*
Some new landscaping was done around the side after the yard was all dug up to put new
water and sewer lines. That was quite the scene.....3 foot ditches weaving all over our yard!!
See that dirt area? That will be our new garage.
The sod cutter. It cuts up the good grass and so it can be properly rolled and removed then placed where it's needed. *You'll see a little boy in most of these pictures, Luke LOVES to "help" his Daddy. He'll spend hours by his side, I've never seen anything like it before!

Don't let those rolls deceive you. THEY ARE CRAZY HEAVY!! On another Saturday he got the jackhammer out and cracked the old floor to bits. I was in pain just watching him bounce around all day with that thing. HE'S A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I'll be the first and last to say that again and again and again and again and.......
Then he took the mother of all saws and cut the concrete to prepare for the new foundation.
He breaks out these crazy tools all the time, I never know what will be next!!!!

precious excitement!!!!
During another Saturday our nephew Reuben came to help. This was a very sweet thing because it warms Mama's, (Annie) heart to see her son and grandson working on her behalf.
I can only imagine.
All her boys working hard to get the floor insulated. Prior to this day Jake had dug down one foot into the dirt foundation, leveled it out and placed 8 TON of stone in it. Eight Ton. Oh. my. word. On this particular day Jake & Reuben were placing plastic on top of the stone and then large sheets of insulation on top of that. Next will be the radiant flooring.
The radiant floors were put in next, (Mama always has cold feet....we thought this might help, plus it's a great efficient source of heat). You'll see the far wall has been knocked out so as to extend her living area.
Another "visitor" one early morning.
A boys dream come true!
Our Amish neighbor worked hard all day long to get the concrete looking just perfect.
A few weeks later Marlin & Mel graciously joined Jake in the pouring rain!
They removed those beautiful black doors and I mean that....they were distressed to perfection!
They will be re-purposed one way or another!
They framed up the front and side and got ready to cut the windows out. Teamwork!!!!
Luke, Tyler and Chase watching their Daddy's work hard!!
Now it's really starting to come together!!
The Man. My Man.
I think I'll treat those two windows as one, meaning there will be shutters on either side of the sets of windows. And can't you just see large flower boxes under the windows? I can!!
The view from her living room.
Her kitchen window to the left and the patio door to the right.
There are lots of windows all around, beautiful light.
Her entrance is to the far right.
It's going to be lovely once it's all finished.
Bless Jake's heart for honoring his Mother like this.
And to all of you who selflessly share your "day off" with us! THANK YOU!!!
I told her the other day that if she doesn't leave for 3 months once she's all moved in,
I wouldn't blame her. To FINALLY have a place to call HOME, there's no feeling like it.
Imagine being 72 and saying that!!
I pray she has many, many healthy & happy years here.
"It takes hands to build a house,
but only hearts can build a home."
~Author Unknown~


TSM said...

This is great, Janelle. :)

Sarah said...

Okay...ABSOLUTELY LOVE your header picture!!!

But most of all...what an amazing example of precious love, you and your family are!!! To be a blessing and to honoring your mother-in-love the way that you all are doing is very rare to come by these days...

May her heart sing with JOY and feel the absolute love of her Heavenly Father poured forth through the labor of love by her precious son and the sweetness of her daughter-in-love and grandchildren!!!

It's been a great gift to live next door to my parents and have loved every moment...may it be the same for you as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Shrish! We missed you today as we visited w/ 'old' friends....
See you tomorrow!

consume me... said...

What a great tribute to your husband and his love for his mother! I'd say your vanilla man has a big watching the process-how sweet for his mom to be living right there beside you! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Jeane` said...

Vonderful goot job, Jake!!!! Please pass on my admiration of his exquisite balancing act.