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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paisley's Dedication

We started a tradition with our firstborn.
At his 1st birthday party we also had him dedicated.
We didn't really try to make it happen that way.
We are a large, large family so it was easier to do everything at once while we were gathered together~celebrate & dedicate all in one shot!
Throughout the years this tradition has remained strong.
For Luke.
And now for Paisley.

Our Pastor joined us, (fresh from his daughter's high school graduation party~~oh, circle of life).
He led us in a beautiful time of dedication for Paisley.
A short teaching about the significance of the Rabbi's, (Jesus) blessing over children.

A prayer with and for us as her family, her influence, her covering.
I read a short dedication prayer written by Heather Kopp. And lastly he sang a song of blessing over her~
"the Lord bless you and keep you,
the Lord make His face shine upon you,
the Lord be gracious to you,
and give you peace,
and give you peace."

She ate red licorice the whole time and didn't have a clue as to what was going on.
That didn't matter though because she may not ever realize the significance of that day.
But we did and always will.

We didn't just dedicate her, we dedicated ourselves.

On that perfect Summer evening, if I were to have a banner to post our statement of the night, I would've written, "God, HELP US!!!!" and flown that thing for all to see. However, I think God would have written, "I am Faithful" and let that one flap in the wind instead. Besides, that's the one that's been flying over us since we stood in that exact location, 8 years ago, under pressure treated lumber sprayed white and exchanged our wedding vows to each other.
Baby Girl~we don't know what this life will hold for you,
but we know Who holds your life.
We hope and pray and cry out that you too will know someday.

We hope you know true freedom, from the inside~out.
We pray that you will cry over our grave and not the other way around.
And we believe that the "I am Faithful" banner will fly over your life, high for all to see,
but mostly just to remind you.

"I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance...."
~Lee Ann Womack~


TSM said...

Your daughter's the cutest. :o)

Esther@fleurcottage said...

meaningful post! :)

Fan said...

Oh Paisley, may the road ahead of you be paved with the promises of God. He IS faithful!

Don't know why this post makes me cry: maybe it's because this week we took one daughter off to college, her brother follows next week, and our baby started 11th grade today. Oh, circle of life....

Ang Stoltzfus said...

wow janelle!! so rich, so meaningfull! your love for the FATHER is the greatest gift you are giving her. She is so blessed to call you & Jake parents!!
Such a sweetie too!

Jena said...

wow, in so many ways, dedicating our children to God, is really the beginning of truly releasing them to Him... for there are truly His and His alone...

AmyK said...

I want to find a pair of those shoes in my size. ;)

consume me... said...

so sweet....I found myself tearing, too. Having just pushed "send" on my back to school post. Just yesterday I was holding my one year olds, I swear it. Such a precious time of motherhood- I love the special way you've chosen to give your children back to the that it's right there at your home where they will have most of their training and raising. May the Lord find each of your little ones faithfully following Him all their days and give you and Jake the strength to lead them well.