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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

getting ready....

We're enjoying these sweet, sweaty days of summer.
I found a swimming pool at a garage sale for $1.
it was naaaasty, but we scrubbed and scrubbed, (the boys and I)
and now it's as good as new!!
work hard~play hard, (although most of the time it's me=working hard and them=playing hard)!!! You know what I mean??

I'm out of coffee.
How did this happen?
I will never let it happen again.
It's wrong.
Of course, I have 2 new HUGE bottles of creme brulee creamer,
(of which I made a special trip to wal-mart for). But alas, no coffee.
Are you kidding me??

We're busy getting ready for our annual campout for my nieces and nephews.
it probably won't be as cool as last year, but it will still be loads of FUN!! Maybe I'll put together a "treasure hunt". Remember them? One clue leads to the next~ "I don't have waves like the sea, because they're so tiny you can't even see!!" (microwave).
So you run to the microwave, open it and there's the next clue......

or something like that.

i need coffee.

The boys have been watching a lot of "Curious George" lately. They now "talk" to each other in monkey's hilarious and annoying all in one.
Happy end of Summer........
"C is for cookie, that's good enough for me."


Ang Stoltzfus said...

u crack me up!
luv u.

Jessica Sue said...

I felt like I was reading me! So random, all jumbled up and annoying songs from children's shows that just happen to pop into my head at the strangest of moments! LOVE IT! And I ALWAYS have coffee here so you can just walk right on down and enjoy yourself some :)

Michelle said...

Love the Randomness! I think I need coffee because it's a good thing you gave us the answer "microwave." I would have been contemplating that one for a while. Sad, yes.

Jeane` said...

This post was a telephone conversation that left me feeling very normal. (especially since I don't really have many telephone conversations any more).

But anyway in which I converse with you, I enjoy it...but none more than when it's face to face in your glorious little plot on cozy, so warm, so full of wonderfulness and love.

Tonight, I toast to your kindness, your generousity...and I did it via the Coffee Cottage medium. Thank you for making my dress the 'perfect' one!!! I will never forget your smile and the words 'Why..of COURSE! It's FUN to share!' after I thanked you for the bazillionth time. ;)

Our Life Version 4.0 said...

I hope you got some coffee! I understand how urgent that can be! :-)
We enjoyed meeting you when we visited Shawn and Mai a couple of weekends ago!