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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Front Door

This is a picture of our front porch!

One could look at this, (and probably does) and think it's quite tacky!

But I love it!!!

It's a feast for the eyes!!!

I went with a theme this year that starts with a "V" and ends in an "E". You'll never guess!!!!
My Mom gave me this vintage tablecloth which I made into a wreath, (by wrapping it around a straw wreath frame & pinning it). Very easy and no sewing!

Our woodstove is back into action.
It's like an old friend that comes around once a year...
for a prolonged visit....
and gets me up at night...
and eats constantly....
and is high maintenance...
and doesn't clean up after itself,
but I invite it back every year because it's benefits far outweigh it's troubles!!


Each vignette tells a story....just the way I like it.
Let's call this one "Little Women".
I can just imagine Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy gathering their things
for an afternoon of ice skating....

And then they would come back to my home and sip hot chocolate from a yellow mug, eat a fake cookie and open a beautiful present that has a rock in it, (to keep it from blowing away)!!

As you saw previously, our door is decorated quite elaborately this year! I entered our front door into a door decorating contest for the area!
The theme is "old fashioned Christmas", now how could I NOT have entered??

My Dad has one of his Mother's old recipe cards for "Ginger cakes" so I made several copies of it and strung them throughout my "old fashion kitchen" display.
my favorite line" "use bit of molasses, if sugar is scarce"

of course you'll need to phone a friend if you can't get the recipe right.

or a neighbor if your sugar is scarce.

and while your neighbor is coming,
be sure you have enough baking powder and eggs as well.

and how about a cup of coffee on a chilly afternoon?

check twice.
measure once.

And turn that Bing Crosby music just a bit louder
and get those cookies rollin'!!

lots of cute cookie cutters.
a special THANK YOU TO MY MOM for allowing me to raid her vintage supply!
I get my love of *vintage* and *dishes* and *stuff* from her!!

Found this old cookbook at a thrift store.
Took all the pages out because it was too heavy.
Fastened it with some twine.

Now it's time for some hot chocolate with mini marshmellows.....

hang up your apron,
put that broom down,
make sure the bottles are out for the milkman,
prop your feet up by the fire
and call it a night!!!

"How I miss that Old Fashioned Christmas!
Memories that last through the years
Call me sentimental; Don't mind if you do
I wish an Old Fashioned Christmas to you...."
~Frank Sinatra~
P.s. please enjoy the little Christmas playlist
I put together for you.
It's a dandy!!


Kara Stoltzfus said...

so amazingly beautiful.
never would've thought of it myself, but absolutely adore it. in all it's precious-ness!


Kelly said...

That looks great!! I hope you win!

The Cottage said...

Oh, it's darling! Looks so cozy and inviting! And I DO hope you win - if anyone can pull of vintage and old-fashioned and draw someone into its warmth, it's you!! Let us know!! ♥

Nichole said...

You are just amazing, so creative! I think your porch is just so cozy and you definately have my vote! I hope you win :)

Mrs.Fisher said...

I love it when you make believe! I would want to be the girl coming to go ice skating...haha who does it much anymore? well I do and plan to teach all my kids how! so we will be over for the hot choc when we are done ok?
ps. I saw in this magazine a picture of hot choc. and a spoon on top.The spoon was dipped in choc and then drizzeled with white choc. YUMMO. I plan to follow the picture and serve it Christmas morning! Haha


Jolyn said...

Looks amazing Janelley! You have a gift :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect to see your door in real life but today we were scheduled to get our shots to go see Ryan and Bethany. We drove by and I was impressed! You will be the winner for sure!

Lindsey said...

I love your Christmas front porch! It's so wonderful!!!