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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Somebody call 911!!

Well, the boys had an opportunity to learn all about dialing 911 last week!! As you may or may not know we live in an old farmhouse

that has old doors

with old locks.
Paisley figured out to close the bathroom door and lock it.
In our lovely farmhouse we also have windows that are painted/nailed closed on the first floor.
So, there was no getting to her via the outside window and most assuredly NOT through the hingeless door!!

So, after 10 minutes of trying to finagle something, talking with Jake who was working 45 minutes away, slipping books and snacks under the door to my crying toddler......I called the boys to me and told them that this was an emergency and what to do when things like this happen. They helped me dial the numbers 9-1-1.

2 minutes later the kind, local Police Officer was here.

He finagled said door for a bit and then he asked me for a wire hanger!!
Who'd they send me?

I ran upstairs and rummaged through the closets for what seemed like FOREVER, (hey, we use plastic hangers around here). Finally found one in the back of my closet.....

So, I watched in amazement for 15 minutes as he freed my little girl with patience and a wire hanger, (in between capturing pictures & slipping cheese, chocolate and crackers under the door)HAHA!!
She was such a trooper, in there for almost 35 minutes!!

needless to say, we removed that lock!!

Thank you to our friendly Officer for the assistance.
We hope we won't need it again.....but there's no guarantees!

"A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice,
especially when she's taking a nap!"
~unknown author~


consume me... said...

hahahahaha!!! That is priceless! I wish I had been blogging back when my kids were little...such a great way to capture your memories!
Looking forward to seeing you and Jeane on Wednesday!
Btw..the door looks cute!

AmyK said...

I've been thinking that I will need to remove the lock that is on Edwin's bedroom door. He could easily lock himself in there when he's a bit bigger and the hinges are on the inside.

Glad it all worked out fine!!

Vickie said...

Hilarious!!! I know one officer who will probably be getting an extra dozen donuts for Christmas!!! She is a total doll and this auntie wants to munch on her!!! Love the pigtails!