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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Summertime Vintage Kitchen

 Welcome to my Summer Kitchen! Last month I found this beautiful bookshelf at a local store called Garden Spot Furniture.  You never quite know what you'll find there, my sisters have named it "The Treasure Place" because it sure is! I knew when I laid eyes on it that she was meant for me!  Jake says it's his favorite piece in OUR HOUSE?  What?  Love that!  
Country Time Lemonade, our favorite Summertime drink, next to meadow tea that is!

That vintage blender makes the best chocolate shake EVER.  The top cake tin is used when taking desserts on the go and the bottom "bread box" has all the ingredients you need to make smores....including wipes!  Makes it easy to take to the fire pit out back.
Little birdie hook from my friend MaryJo. I've been trying to find the "perfect" place for this beauty for years....a place to both display and use it.  It's been found.

Having an array of coolers is important for Summer dining.
Vintage ice holder, ($1 garage sale), Vintage Mascot cooler~keeps drinks hot or cold, (.25 garage sale~I know, WHO sells that for a quarter)?  Cloth cooler from Target. 

A beautiful wine bottle with these great quality wrought iron corks.  MaryJane's Farmgirl Wisdom, photobook, Emily Post's book of Etiquette, Cath Kidston's recipe organizer.  
Bird dish from Pottery Barn, adorable glass measuring cups from here, (majorly on sale), working gumball machine from garage sale.

My pantry display.
Cute packaged food makes it to the shelf!   

Craft central.
The drawers have snacks in them.
The new patio door is what started this kitchen switch-a-roo. Needed to move the items that were against this wall and get creative with some new arrangements.
Pottery Barn Kitchen was given to Paisley by a neighbor/friend of mine, (Thanks Jillian) her daughter out-grew it.  Sad, but inevitable!
After many purchases, (and returns) I ended up using an old vintage comforter I had in the attic for our curtain.  We had to have something with thickness there because of the heat during the sun setting.  I found some shabby chic shower hooks at Target to hold it up.
 The beauty and color of this quilt is breathtaking.  Someone took so much love and time to make it.  One square at a time.  So beautiful.  My Mom says it was most likely old flour sacks that were used to make this.  Women use to exchange them with one another.  If they had too many of one color or design, they would meet up and "swap" with each other! Love that!

Garage sale delights and hydrangeas from kind neighbors. And you and I both know my table/kitchen isn't always this neat and organized so don't be deceived!

Had that bench on the porch for several weeks and decided to bring it to the kitchen table last week.  Really good decision.
Love the look and it's practical.
What? Don't you hold your kitchen window open with a rolling pin?

My "quick, I stink and someone is at the door" stash! Also used for various times of fast beautifying, like 5:10pm when my man rolls in!!
 My desire.
And reminder.

Thanks for visiting my kitchen today.Enjoy your Summer!! 

"At Summers start three precious months yawn lazily before us, filled to brimming with the promise of long days,
starlit nights and hours made for reconnecting."
~Taken from the Life Beautiful magazine, (seen above)~


Stephanie said...

How lovely!!

Jeane` said...

This post is precisely where the phrase "Eye Candy" came from. Love what you did to that Garden Spot treasure!!!And the quilt! And the coolers! And the prettily packaged food! And the items from your new business! And the picture of you and your beautiful sisters! And your vintage apron collection! And bird hook! (ok, I'll stop...but do know that I noticed it ALL!).

Aimee said...

Oh Janelle, can I please come live in your kitchen?! It makes me SO HAPPY!! You have a way of making everything you touch look so cozy and sweet and LOVELY!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I spy a "dented" Cento tomato can from BB's!!! Yup...I know we were there yesterday and Jake and Eli kept picking up dented Cento cans and asking "why they were dented" after explaining it was the BB's way...Jake replied "oh they shoot them with a BB gun!! We laughed for awhile!! Love the always it makes me want to visit!!


Sarah B said...

Just stumbled across your lovely, inspiring, happy place of a blog! thank you so much for the smile, the colors and for sharing your passions! I feel like I have just breathed in a bunch of fresh air!

Kat said...

Loved the tour! My favorite is the bench at your table--I'm keeping my eyes pealed for one myself:)

Sarah said...

This post is sooo beautiful! I discovered Life Beautiful magazine from your blog, and I'm soooo thankful! It's absolutely beautiful, every page...Your home, and your kitchen in particular should be featured in it! :) Thank you for the gift of this visual beauty and inspiration! I love your blog!

Vickie said...

So beautiful! I L-O-V-E the quilt hanging there. So gorgeous. Enjoying my coffee with you this morning...via this post...may your day be filled with beauty my friend! xoxoxoxoxox

Shelly said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the details. I love knowing how others think, decorate, organize (love the s'mores stuff in the tin). Everything is lovely!!

Michelle said...

The BEST part about your kitchen? Is the lovely gal who makes you feel special while visiting her little wonderland. :)

Dayle said...

Love all of the vintage touches.

clarita @ the cottage said...

Oh, your kitchen just looks so INVITING! I love all your details everywhere - from the vintage apron collection, to the vignettes on the shelves, and my favorite - the little station for the 5:10 touch-up when Husband comes home. That is something I love!! Your home just exudes LIFE and LOVE!!