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Friday, September 16, 2011

A little bit of this and that

Hi There. 
We're still here and all safe and sound. Grateful for so much. Max and Ruby is on in the background, the kids are tucked on the couch, cozy blankets wrapped around them.  I'm considering starting the first fire of the season in our woodstove. There's a definite chill in the air and it feels quite refreshing.  However, I will wear my flip-flops as long as possible into this Autumn weather
Not gonna lie, I'm really not into Fall being here already.  This has been one of the best Summer's in a long time.  We did so much together and all the children were a bit older making outtings and overnight stays that much easier.  Two years ago Paisley was a newborn, last year Jake was working all Summer on the carriage house, this year we just lived and enjoyed life.  It was sweet and treasured!  Sometimes it feels like I'm just flippin' the calender and I don't like that feeling.  Like I'm living life and it's passing me by all in one moment.  The constant of life.    
Made some grape jelly today with grapes from our vine.  That smell takes me right back to my childhood.  Standing under the arbor in our back yard.  Reaching up on my tippy-toes to pull down some of those sweet treasures.  Sucking the skin off and spitting out the rest.  I know that's not really how you're suppose to eat them, but the fear of getting a super sour one kept me from even biting into it.  I still eat them that way!  Not that you really care!  :)
a lovely picture i found online, sorry, i don't remember where.

It's "Fair" season around here.  My belly is growling just thinking about all the yummy junk I will partake of!  It's going to be cold tonight so maybe I'll pack some hot chocolate to go along with us.  That might be a nice surprise when we get back to the truck to head home. Worn out kids and warmed up bellies go well together.

We're adjusting to Tyler's new Kindergarten schedule.  I'm coming to enjoy it and not feel so bound to it.  It's only half day which means my day is really broken up, so it feels.  The mornings are going well and our routine is working.  Get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, sneakers on, watch some TV until it's time to go.  TV is the "reward" to getting everything else completed in good time.  Needless to say, Tyler is loving school.  He bounds in there each morning, calling out his friends names and waving to them from afar, catching up and chatting away, (and that's all I see until he reaches the front door).  He loves people and it's a joy to watch.  Knowing that he is making friends is wonderful and scary at the same time.  Kids can be mean.  Each morning as we approach school I say to him what was said to me my entire childhood, "have a fun, fun day and be kind to everyone."    

Chopped my hair off last week. It was just growing and growing and I called it my mane. Each evening I faithfully braided it before bed like a prairie woman so as not to be caught up in the web that was my hair. It was getting old. I should have done this a long time ago.  It feels so light and free. Locks of love on our 9th Anniversary.  That was special.  And my one sister had her hair appointment BEFORE me and my other sister had her appointment AFTER me.  We didn't even try it!  Loves it!  I missed my hair for the first few days and wondered what I had done.  Now I'm really liking it and making it my own. 

Hope you each have a lovely weekend.  I am sure some of you won't, given the circumstances you are surrounded with.  And yet, even in the midst of that, I hope you can see one thing beautiful. 
another great online find.  again, don't remember where. dear copyright people, please don't sue me
"A whiff of woodsmoke on the wind, the first chill in the air, the woods just edged in gold.  Light the first fire, time to put the 'home' in 'home sweet home'."~Susan Branch~    

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LOVE that cute little home. Now that is a mobile I could live with (in!).