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Friday, September 2, 2011

Martin's Bread Truck

 Several weeks ago I spotted this beauty.  Of course I had to turn around and snap a few pics of her.  I'm tellin' ya, if I had to drive a truck, I would want it to be THIS ONE! 
 She's even cute looking with her doors hanging open!
Love the robins-egg blue color and the big old pictures of bread in a bag.
 I can see it now, me cruisin' down the highway in this baby, windows open wide and music blarring! 
You know, that's just how I'd roll! 

"Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly."
~Author Unknown~


Kat said...

And it doesn't hurt that you'd have precious cargo inside. Mmm...their potato rolls...

Vickie said...

Let's say "Whole Wheat Potato Bread!" So much it. I may buy Martin's, here in North Carolina, for the simple emotions it stirs up in me...reminding me of my loves in Lancaster. Or, because it is simply delicious, cute bag and an adorable delivery truck! Gotta love it!

Send the truck down my way...with Turkey Hill, Meadow tea and a new set of Dutch Blitz...

Love and miss you! Hope the first week of school was AWESOME for everyone!

Michelle said...

"That's how I ROLL"?! Roll? Ha! You're quite witty!!

Twila Henry said...

One of my absolute favorite foods when I go back to PA! :) Mmmmm....there's no roll better!