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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear Wife, I have something to say.

Over the last week my husband has shared some things with me that he's been keeping to himself for years!  YEARS!!(And don't get worried, we're doing just fine)!

There have been some habits that have became all too welcomed/unnoticed/undealt with in my life and he had to say something to me. He's a brave man, to breach that hidden territory of offense that so many of us, (I) can fall into.  Although it wasn't easy to hear, the things he had to share, they were TRUTH and I  knew they were there, my spirit knew he was right on.  I just didn't want to acknowledge them.  Because if you leave something alone it will disappear, right?  It won't grow into something bigger and more deadly, it won't rule you or control you, it will just stay nice and neat and pretty, right?  

Attitudes unchecked become character in action.

There are so many opportunities to take offense when someone THAT TRULY LOVES US tries to bring correction*truth*guidance.  Notice the "truly loves us" part.

My heart felt so secure as he spoke into my life.  He shared out of love for me, protection for me, wanting the best for me, for us. {And perhaps you don't have a husband, (or anyone in your life) that speaks into your heart, that wants to see you become the best you.  I genuinely pray that if that's your desire that there would be an answer, a leading to someone that can help facilitate the wholeness God desires for you and in you}.  

He will make a way, He's been doing that from the beginning. 

"LOVE suffers long and is kind;
LOVE does not envy, 
LOVE does not parade itself;
it is not puffed up, 
does not behave rudely, 
does not seek its own, 
is not provoked, 
thinks no evil;
does not rejoice in iniquity, 
but rejoices in the TRUTH;
bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things, 
endures all things...."
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

I'm a joke.
Looking at those "loving" things and holding them to the mirror of my life is laughable.  

And yet, my God promises so sweetly to HELP me, (and YOU) to become more like HIM.   
To journey us into a place of
atonement and abandonment, 
righteousness and refining, 
holiness and heartache, 
freedom and fire, 
truth and testing.  

And so I say DO IT.  
Do in me what I want done in others.

"God's purposes in our lives lead to humility, 
but Satan's purposes in our lives cultivate self-promotion.
is always the dividing line between the two....."  
~John Paul Jackson~


Jeane` said...

Ahh, Janelle...beautiful honesty. Thank you. I admire the maturity written invisibly between the lines. Maturity in knowing when to listen, knowing the words are coming from one who knows and loves you so well. No doubt there was the amazement that the thoughts shared have been milling in that brain for YEARS! Have we ever had a thought that stayed inside for more than a day? (and even that seems like a decade!). Perhaps I should speak for myself, but I kinda feel safe in including you to make it "we". ;)

Beautiful words, always.

Vickie said...

Love you! And I love the love that you and Jake walk out in. It seems that he spoke out of love and humility and therefore, you can receive in love and humility. You are a precious family that is loved beyond measure...oh to sit around your table. I am thankful for you and having you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving Dear One!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

wow J!!!!
Such a blessing to have a husband (or anyone for that matter) who lovingly communicates *truth* to our hearts!!
Thank you for sharing & being an example of humility in recieving your husbands words.
& on another note: