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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Limo ride to Red Robin!

 To our surprise, Tyler was randomly picked as the Kindergarten winner for a special treat.  He, along with one first grader and one second grader and Dr. Young, (their principal) were awarded a trip to Red a limo! :)
He was so excited, he could hardly sleep last night.
Honestly, he talked most of the food he would eat at Red Robin, more then the actual Limo ride.  Such a typical boy! 

 We passed by Red Robin while they were there and snapped a picture of the Limo waiting for them.
"I was excited to go in the Limousine.  It was all black and shiny and I liked it.  It was my favorite car.  I ate a cheeseburger, steamed broccoli and chocolate milk.  And I got a red balloon that says Red Robin.  And I went with two Emily's and I went on a Limousine.  My favorite was eating lunch at Red Robin.  
Love, Tyler S."  
(he was reciting this to me as I typed)!!  

Oh, my sweet boy!  What a special day for you!


Fan said...

truly a "fun-fun day"!!

Jeane` said...

Wowzer! He is just TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!!! I can only imagine how his sanguine side soaked up all the attention from that glorious event. So happy for he (and you!) that he was made to feel so extra-special. (Lunch with two pretty Emilys? Someday ten years from now, he'll wish he could win this all over again!).

Kae Jo said...

He was sharing this during our time with "Princess Snuggle Foot" on Sunday. He was so excited to share about it! Glad he had fun! I love their burgers! :)

Jenna said...

How cute! My family had the best Chicago limo service experience recently too. All my daughter ever does now is talk about getting a limo for everything! Spoiled. haha.