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Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Suite Christmas

Normally our room is the last to feel the "decorating love."  I didn't want that to be the case this Christmas so today was the day I gave her a little makeover.  Plus I needed to "de-stress" by investing into something other then refereeing the children!   
Our old faithful Christmas tree that's been with us since the first year we were married.  Just unplug it and take it to the attic each year...makes for easy set-up and tear-down!
Found these darlings at a flea market in North Carolina while visiting our dear friends.
Meet my vintage orange chair, (crazy comfortable and in excellent condition).  Rescued her from an auction across the street, for $3!!!! 
Jake kindly carried her home. 

Cozy corner in which I rarely sit. 
But when I do, it's quite a treat.

Crystal Shabby Chic shower hooks have more then one purpose!
This whole project got started with the idea to make a fresh wreath to hang above our bed.  It smells so good and looks welcoming.
I had a small fake wreath in the attic that I wasn't using so that was my base.  Just cut a few different kinds of twigs and stuck them in, anchoring them with the "fake" part of the wreath.


comfort & joy

Shamelessly stole some wrapping paper from the trash pile at my niece's bridal shower.  This was the intended purpose.  I think it's from Target.
Thanks for stopping by today.....

"Baby, it's cold outside."
~Dean Martin~


Just a little something from Judy said...

Better than a romantic B&B. You did a beautiful job. I think bedrooms are often overlooked, but I think one should make them cozy, calming and inviting. You did just that. Thanks for sharing another dose of your creativity.

Kat said...

Look at you--decorating your room! Man, I feel like I've hardly got a handle on the living room. I have a chair just like your orange one but it's sea foam green and I too got it at an auction! Must be a hot auction item:)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...
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Jeane` said...

Your room has always been one of my favorites in your home resplendent with cozy, inviting nooks and crannies. "Comfort and Joy" apt and desirable description for any Master Bedroom....
Beautiful room, beautiful Janelle!

Melody Strayer said...


Also, I am twitching with jealousy over that chair!!