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Monday, May 28, 2012

annual garage sale.

we made it through another year. 
another crazy purging-of-stuff.
my sweet friend jess and i met at one my first sales and we've been putting them together every year since. 
after it was all over she sent me this message;

"i. love. you. 
That we can have a yard sale together every year and come away still dear friends I think is a testament of our friendship! We made it J.! Until next year!"

it's always a bit crazy getting everything together, 
arranged, set up, sold, cleaned up....but we keep doing and enjoying it!

here are a few pics from the day:

let the shopping begin. 

 "3 cousins bake shop"
(and their little admirer still clad in pj's). 

our neighbor cub runs a coffee shop.
he set up his station on our front porch.
bless his heart, it was a hot weekend so i don't know that he had
as much success as anticipated.
but it was a nice touch to the sale.
you're welcome back caleb, your coffee was delish!!

had to get a laugh out of "scruffty" the dog, in his superman getup, just chilling. one of the boys had set him up here.
i had tyler take his precious dog inside once i saw it, 
don't need an "accidental sale" of his precious, lifetime dog! 
(he packs him into his backpack 

until next year.....

"God gives every bird its food, 
but He does not throw it into its nest.
  ~J.G. Holland~

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